A new virtual currency trading website, Futcoin.com, has launched to provide gamers worldwide with a fast, reliable platform for purchasing FIFA 15 and FIFA 16 FUT coins to be used for FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) purchases

HONG KONG – FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) has taken the gaming world by storm. Players from all over the world participate in the multi-platform game that is playable on a wide array of game consoles, including XBOX 360, XBOX ONE, PS3, PS4, PC, iOS, and Android. FUT coins are used as currency to purchase virtual players and assemble teams to compete against other gamers. Until recently, purchasing FUT 15 and FUT 16 coins (or FIFA Ultimate Team coins) was a slow process navigated through unreliable websites that left many gamers frustrated. Since its launch in 2014, Futcoin.com has strived to eliminate the problems associated with existing FUT coin trading websites by providing fast, reliable access to FUT 15 and FUT 16 coins coupled with top-notch customer service.

“Before I discovered Futcoin.com, I had to purchase my FUT 16 coins through a website that was slow and unreliable,” explained one gamer. “Now, I receive my coins in under five minutes 99% of the time – it’s unbelievable! With faster service, I get access to better players. Using Futcoin.com has definitely elevated my gaming experience, I will never go back to any other FUT 16 coin trading website.”

Futcoin.com makes it easy for gamers to purchase the coins they need – whether it be FUT 15 or FUT 16 coins – and offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If there is an unreasonable time delay between an order being placed and a gamer receiving their coins, that gamer will be adequately compensated. The auto-delivery functionality of the website means that gamers can receive their FUT coins in mere seconds, but should anything go wrong, the friendly and professional customer team will make sure that gamer’s experience is made right.

The website itself is laid out in a user-friendly fashion, making it quick and easy for new users to find and purchase the exact FUT coins they are looking for. For gamers looking for a fast, reliable platform for purchasing FUT 15 and FUT 16 coins, there is no better option than Futcoin.com

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