Fullips Natural Lip Enhancing Product is a Chemical-Free Way to Fuller Lips

For fuller lips in seconds! Fullips Lip Plumping Enhancers
Fullips.com offers a new beauty tool to achieve fuller lips naturally, without the use of harmful chemicals or invasive treatments.

Fullips, the latest beauty product for women, is quickly becoming a handy way to achieve beautiful, fuller lips without the use of harsh chemicals. The natural lip enhancer is a simple, yet highly innovative beauty tool that gives women the lips they have always wanted, but allows them to avoid the pain and expense of injections.

“The lip enhancer works by using self-suction to fill out fine wrinkles, and give added, overall fullness to the lips,” says Linda Gomez, creator of Fullips. It was designed so that the user would be able to have complete control of their look, unlike with cosmetic fillers. With a little experimentation they can create the added fullness and shape they desire, every day or just for special occasions.

Designed for the effect to be temporary, Fullips is intended to be a quick additional step in a woman’s beauty routine, using the enhancer before applying lip cosmetics. Lightweight and portable, the product can easily be tucked into a makeup bag for touch-ups throughout the day.

Gomez says she created the product when her desire to age gracefully led her on a search for more natural options than a cosmetic surgeon. The innovative product underwent extensive testing, after which three different models were created, to meet the varying needs of the customer. The Fullips company additionally created the Fullips Lip Plumping Gloss to help further enhance, and maintain, the effect of the beauty tool.

The company places the health and safety of its customer base above all else, manufacturing the lip enhancers strictly in the USA, and maintaining the high quality standards of using only FDA approved material.

About Fullips:

Fullips is a unique, patent-pending, and safe way of achieving a fuller lip look. Created by Baby Boomer entrepreneur, Linda Gomez, the product gives a more natural option for achieving beautiful looking lips without the use of invasive methods or chemicals. Fullips has been widely reported in the press. Top magazines such as Sky Mall are currently carrying the product. Additionally, Fab Over Fifty, Project Eve, Lucky, Go Girl Finance, and many others have taken notice.

For more information, visit www.fullips.com.

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