Fuggit launches sneakers and t-shirts as a move against sneaker violence

Sneaker violence is the pettiest and most gruesome kind of violence the today’s world has seen. Over the past few years, there have been numerous instances of people being killed for their sneakers. Observing such heartbreaking incidents, Fuggit has launched a range of sneakers and t-shirts that look like popular sneakers but at the same time are affordable. The money raised from selling the sneakers is also used for the communities affected by sneaker violence.

In a fast paced world, where technology is advancing and morals are diminishing, such heinous crimes are on the rise. As per a news report, a 17-year-old teen named Paul Sampleton was killed in Grayson Atlanta Georgia for his Jordan sneakers. One can’t even imagine the cruel mental state of those who commit such crimes for mere fashion.

The launch of Fuggit brand of sneakers is also a result of the death of emerging hip-hop star Michael Kirby on November 2013. The founder of the brand describes him as “Mi primo” or “my cousin”. “He was a sneaker collector, a musician, a drug dealer, a class president, a lover, a fighter, a Latin-American, an African American, an athlete, a poet, a star”. He was murdered a day before his first big hip-hop show. His death impacted the community adversely, along with his lifelong friend, the founder of Fuggit. Though there were tears, mourning, heartbreak and a sense of deep loss, He decided to channel his emotions towards a greater cause that would honor his friend’s death. Thus, Fuggit was born.

After thorough research on sneaker violence and design ideas for the sneakers, he decided to go with the crochet converse sneakers that looked and felt unique and comfortable respectively. The brand stands against violence for sneakers and for the past 3 years, it has become a symbol to create awareness about sneaker violence. “Like an animal is killed for its fur in the name of fashion, so is a human who is killed for their materials in the name of fashion”.

Fuggit condemns any sort of violence that is done for fashion, whether it be killing humans or killing animals for fur and leather. It supports the idea of harmony among the community where everyone can live happily and peacefully. The story of Fuggit began on a sad note, with a death of a loved one but it continues to inspire thousands of people who stand against violence. 

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