From Grief To Gratitude Announces Grief Coaching Services And Grief Coach Certification Program

Grief is the journey… Gratitude is the destination.
Dora Carpenter, founder of From Grief To Gratitude announces introduction of Grief Coaching Services and Grief Coach Certification Program.

Reputed and acclaimed grief coach, and founder of From Grief to Gratitude, Dora Carpenter has announced that their website is now offering Grief Coaching Services and a Grief Coach Certification Program to individuals and organizations. When they get the right coaching to provide grief support, they can help individuals affected by bereavement in the family.

“Millions suffer the loss of their loved ones every year and the painful emotions of loss can be extremely unbearable to many,” says Dora Carpenter. “Our Grief Coaching Services are aimed at taking individuals from pain to peace and from heartbreak to happiness in the shortest possible time. Enroll for our Grief Coach Certification Program and become a Grief Coach to provide relief to grief-stricken individuals and families.”

The pain and grief associated with the loss of a loved one is hard to overcome even when a fair amount of time has elapsed after the unfortunate incident. There is no grief worse than the one that individuals and families suffer from the loss of a dear loved one. The void that the loss of a family member or a dear friend leaves can seem impossible to fill and the grief can be life-shattering to some.

Dora Carpenter is one of the most acclaimed grief coaches and known for her relentless effort to bring emotional relief to people affected by loss. The certified grief coach has been working in the death care industry for many years now and has helped numerous families and individuals make smooth arrangements for the final journey.

The Grief Coaching Services and Grief Coach Certification Program are designed to help the participants enrich the lives of the affected. The program trains them to work through any personal unresolved grief in order to become fully present to clients whenever they need support.

The ‘Angel of Comfort’ as Dora Carpenter is referred to by her clients, has been doing pioneering work in the death care industry and has unmatched expertise in providing sustained emotional support to them. She has the experience and the ability to deal with such situations and individuals.

Dora is known for her ability to provide a calming touch with her empathetic approach. Her unique and highly effective grief coaching process provides real and deep healing to people.

About From Grief To Gratitude:

The From Grief to Gratitude coaching program has been carefully designed to provide relief from the emotional distress to the affected individual. Dora Carpenter, the founder of the program, shows them how to be aware of the pitfalls of grief and how to avoid them. They are shown how to understand and acknowledge their painful emotions, and take the right steps to accept the loss. The program also helps monitor the progress of the grief and emerge out of the situation.

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