French President Macron Sees Differently Towards Cradle-Snatcher

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French president Macron and his wife have a 25-year age difference, but who cares? Age is just a minor issue in a relationship.

Cradle-snatcher, which refers to the idea of snatching someone from a cradle, i.e. they are very young. It’s a person who marries or has a sexual relationship with a much younger person. You’ve probably all heard about Brigitte Trogneux, the wife of the newly elected president of France, Emmanuel Macron. Not only is she older than him, she’s 25 years his senior, had already married once with three children, and is a grandmother of seven!

Macron got married to his 64-year-old wife in 2007, who was once his high-school drama teacher. They would have long discussions together and Trogneux would read out his work to the class. At the age of 17, Macron told her “Whatever you do, I will come back and marry you” after being sent away to school in Paris by his parents, because they didn’t like it, of course.

So what do other people think of this? One netizen on said, “She looks like she could be his grandmother.” Another said, “A man that thinks she is the best choice for him should not be able to make best choices for France! However, not all disapprove, “So she is older than him, so what? They are adults, and can do whatever they want too.” Even Trogneux’s children, one of which is two years older than himself, has accepted it, “If there is anyone who might not have found this simple, it would have been [my stepchildren],” Macron says.

And it’s true. As long as you’re happy, who cares about the age difference? Who cares what others think? There are plenty of more important things to consider in a relationship, other factors to think about, such as if you’re right for one another, personality-wise. Think about whether you have similar interests and hobbies, if there is mutual encouragement and communication, if your feelings are solid enough to last a lifetime together. The most important thing in a relationship is communication. In contrast to this, age is just a minor issue. And if you’re worried about what others will think of you, you can’t please everyone.

Thousands of successful couples on have large age differences, mainly because of age not being their primary criteria in a relationship. They look at the bigger picture. They’d rather find someone much older or younger than themselves but feel happy together and connected to each other. Lots of women actually prefer men who are a lot older because of the security they get. Older men are more mature and steady in life.

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