Free time-tracking app from Alpaka makes time management easier for freelancers and businesses

Time management is of crucial importance for everyone – whether one is a freelancer or self-employed individual or the owner of a business. And the management of time has just been made much easier, thanks to Alpaka Punch.

UNITED KINGDOM, 2017 – Alpaka is one company which has gained a lot of attention in recent months due to its innovative technologies, particularly its popular time-tracking app, Alpaka Punch. The app has, in fact, been featured on Forbes, the BBC, Mashable, and Kickstarter due to its features and capabilities.

Alpaka describes the app’s service perfectly: “Manage your time anywhere. Whether you use an iOS or an Android phone, or your desktop computer, Alpaka Punch is easy to use time tracking software.” With the software, anyone, but most especially those who need to keep close track of their time, can benefit from different features which are very useful indeed.

One feature of this time tracking app is synchronisation. It’s easy for freelancers and business entrepreneurs to pause the timer in their app when needed – and the website version is paused automatically as well. Synchronisation when it comes to changing job descriptions and clients has also been made possible by the app, as everything is updated automatically.

Another feature of this time tracking app is the capacity to easily and conveniently manage a team of workers. Alpaka Punch can track the time of each worker on a team, with the administrator having oversight in order to record and analyse as well as report any of the timed work and tasks which have been completed by the members.

Along with the above-mentioned features, Alpaka Punch also allows administrators to edit their tracked time and merge tasks by project or client, by date, or by a period of time. The data can even be exported to an Excel file or to a calendar, which makes it easier for freelancers or administrators to correctly bill their clients.

Those who have tried Alpaka Punch have plenty to be happy about. Heather Alexander, a freelancer from San Francisco in the US, states, “I have been freelancing for the last 4 years, I struggled with hourly client billing until I found Alpaka Punch. Now I can easily track my projects and bill my clients without any hassles. Great app, keep up (the) good work.”

Clients have also mentioned that there are two aspects which make Alpaka Punch an ideal time tracking app: it’s free, and anyone can use it with ease.

About the company: Alpaka Punch is a time management app for freelancers, business owners, managers, and more. To find out more about why Alpaka Punch excels amongst other time management apps, visit the website.

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