Free Dating Advice E-Book Released For Women “Why Men Lose Interest”

A relationship advice website aimed specifically for women ( Has recently introduced a free eBook called “Why Men Lose Interest”. The downloadable copy can be gained instantly online.

Forming relationships need not be a hassle when you understand exactly how men work. Learning some of the secrets about the male psyche from “Why Men Lose Interest” will further your knowledge about the general psychology of men and how they work. In addition, the free eBook explains how women can be “the only women who truly gets him”.

A recent report was released from, according to them, some of these techniques are relatively simple. Yet the problem is many women do not apply these steps or make silly mistakes along the way. Most of the time they are totally unaware of any mistake they potentially make.

The E-Book contains 5 important chapters, for women to master the art of building a strong relationship and keeping that Mr Right.

Chapter 1: What Makes Him Interested

Chapter 2: The Phases of a Relationship

Chapter 3: Where It Can (and Will) Go Wrong

Chapter 4: How to Be the Woman Who Gets Him

Chapter 5: How to Maintain Interest Forever

In a busy modern day life women are often confronted with various obstacles, when finding the right guy. Similar scenarios often occur, and the popular sayings become all too familiar like “”Maybe I’ll see you around”.” Or the flirty texts dry up and that fast response diminishes. Many women find themselves ‘on the shelf’ too many times. Self confidence drops, and it becomes a vicious circle.

The E-book from “Why Men Lose Interest” is designed to teach any women how to apply strong techniques, its put together by a relationship expert with large amounts of experience. “Why Men Lose Interest” is even written for married women too. Married women who think they might of lost that ‘spark’. Once mastered, women can revive a stale and often doomed relationship.

Finding a Man is a website which contains first class resources and articles for women planning on developing a good strong relationship with a man.

Paul Smith is a dating advisor who already has a strong presence online. He has written many articles and developed products and E-Books like “Why Men Lose Interest”. As well as providing these important resources, he also gives relationship advice. Often this is in the form of answering questions by email, this service comes as standard when anyone takes advantage of his free e-book offer.

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