Four main transaction methods for the WOW gold

May 15, 2015 – America – The transaction methods for the wow gold are very colorful. Today, the famous online WOW gold supplier will introduce with people four main transaction methods.

Face to face transactions

This method could be mainly divided into two ways which is the large account transaction and small account transaction. Large account trading for the cheap WOW gold is a very normal behavior in the game so its security is very high. In addition, we strongly requests people use their account which need WOW gold to do the trading business as many times coins circulation will only increase the risk of the transaction.

Unions trading

The union trading is one of the very common way to trade the cheap wow gold us especially for large gold transaction. You can add the customer to the trade unions to exchange the gold or add to the union of consumer to exchange gold.

The auction transaction

It is indeed that the auction trading has been recognized as the safest transactions method. This method is more suitable for the equivalent items auction. However, for the trading in the same camp, it will produce 5% fee. On the other hand, the trading between the different camps will yield 15% fee.

Mail Transaction

The Mail transaction is consisted of the direct mail and COD. Currently, this kind of transaction method is not very commonly.

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