Four basically collar type of today’s beautiful wedding dresses

July 23, 2014 – Hongkong – The editor from famous wedding dresses online seller believes that each bride should know about the importance of collar of wedding dress. We usually say that the overall feeling of the bride must be good at a wedding party, in fact, at each time people see the beautiful bride, their eyes will often first stop at the bride’s upper body. At this time, whether the wedding chest line design and collar designation could build a consistent should become essential. Although the Bra collar type wedding dress is very commonly, there are also a lot of other collar types. However, every bride has different body figure so the choice of the collar-shaped if the wedding dresses should be also different. Today, the editor 2015 prom dresses will introduce with people some common collar of dressthat wedding dresses.

The first type is the heart-shaped collar. The feature of this collar type is that the shape of this collar is like heart and the middle part of this collar is relatively deep. The wedding dresses with this sort of collar type should be the best choice of these bosomy women. Overall speaking, the heart-shaped wedding chest line will display very full breasts but also make the neck look more slender. It is good choice for these brides who have sexy and body figure. On the contrary, it is not suitable for bride who does not want to bare and own thin body figure.

The second collar type should be the commonly flat Bra type. For these brides who have very busty chest, the flat Bra-style collar type of the wedding dress should be very popular style and this type is also very commonly in today’s wedding dresses. Overall speaking, this kind of wedding dress is suitable for brides who have broad shoulders and clear collarbone and it is not suitable for these flat-chest brides.

The third type should be the off-the-shoulder type. Features of this collar types of wedding dress is that the collar ring should be rested on the bottom of the shoulder which will clear show with other people the collarbone and shoulders and the long sleeve cover part of the upper arm. This short homecoming dresses style will be suitable for the vast majority of the female body. For these women whose chest size is medium or relatively plump, this dress type will let them become particularly beautiful. However, if the arms are too fat or brides do not used to bare shoulders, they should not choose wedding dresses in this collar type.

The last sort of collar type should be the round shoulder. This wedding collar type is very familiar with the former off-the-shoulder type but people need to use more fabric. It looks like two shoulders have been connected by the wide and soft round shape.

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