Fortnite Drum Gun Is Gone For Good, Yet MMOAH Fortnite Store Service Upgraded And Will Surprise Fortniters Again

Drum Gun, one of the most famous and powerful weapons in Fortnite, is vanished forever after recent Fortnite 5.40 patch release. Epic take a shot arbitrarily by replacing this remarkable weapon with a Suppressed Assault Rifle. We know some of Fortnite players will be disappointed tremendously – But we are here to assure you that MMOAH will do anything to keep its top-notch service for any consumers as always.

Seduction of old themes from Epic is par for the course for most Fortnite players, although coming out with more disappointments than satisfaction. The recent update for Fortnite from Epic was released with tremendous abnormal old weapons been wiped out, including Drum Gun. Drum Gun was once impressed and generally considered as one of the most powerful weapons in Fortnite, with incredible juggernaut and unique magazine design. It did, back in the old times, greatly facilitate players to hunt down and ravage their opponents’ hard work. But clearly, Epic vaulted Drum gun in 5.40 Patch and managed to replace its role with a Suppressed Assault Rifle, which excels at precision and stealth mostly. Epic is still determined to add some variety to Fortnite, even if it requires some course corrections.

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