Former Employees Take Steps to Combat Negative Employment References by Hiring Allison & Taylor, a Leading Reference Checking Firm

Reference checking research and reference consulting on the most strategic use of references to assure a successful transition.
Allison & Taylor, a leading global reference checking and employment verification firm, helps former employees combat negative reference checks that may be standing in the way of securing new employment.

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Negative references may be the root of the problem for those who haven’t been able to secure a new job, despite solid interviews and qualifications. Qualified job seekers who are frustrated that they have not been able to find a new job are now looking for ways to be more proactive in order to secure new employment.

Allison & Taylor, a professional reference checking firm in Detroit, Michigan, provides reference checks for job seekers all over the globe. Allison & Taylor confidentially contacts past employers and references to ask about job performance, job description, employment dates, and the reason for departure. Within approximately 10 days, job seekers will have a complete job reference report, which includes verbatim quotes, how long it took to receive a response, and the general tone of the phone call.  

“You should never assume what other people will say about you,” says Allison & Taylor’s Executive Vice President, Jeff Shane. “It explains a lot about why good people aren’t getting jobs, since anything negative can knock you out in this job market.”

Job seekers often don’t realize that former supervisors or colleagues can be quite spiteful when providing references. Allison & Taylor reports that approximately 50% of all of the professional reference checks they conduct contain negative input from a reference. To combat this, Allison & Taylor also provides a Cease & Desist service, which is a legal analysis of an unfavorable job reference sent to a CEO or appropriate senior management representative within the former company.

The overwhelming majority of Cease & Desist cases generated from negative reference checks reflect a favorable outcome for job seekers, says Allison & Taylor. Given a choice between possible legal action against their company or discouraging an employee who violated corporate policy, most CEO’s or senior management personnel would choose the latter.

In today’s competitive job market, the use of a professional reference checking firm to check job references is highly recommended for job seekers. A professional reference checking service can confirm that job references will enhance the chance to secure new employment, rather than standing in the way.

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