Forefoot Insoles help each people experience of walking on water

Nov 03, 2014 – China – Every step you take puts pressure on your legs, hips and spine. When there is a problem with the foot’s pronation (over pronation), the foot’s gait cycle is imbalanced, causing unnecessary strain on the heels, legs, knees and lower back.

Pronation is the biomechanical shock absorption motion of the ankle, foot and lower leg. As a person walks, runs or stands, the ankle flexes inward or pronates to absorb the shock and control balance.

Forefoot Insoles from could help to eliminate foot soreness. That way, you can stop pain where it starts (before it moves into your knees, hips and back) for a healthier, more active life that’s free from pain.

Our LiquiCell Shoe Insoles hold up better over time thanks to advanced LiquiCell technology, which relieves pressure on the foot and reduces soft tissue damage without circulating back and forth from heel to front like many other gel and liquid insoles. And unlike gel insoles, Leather Shoe Insoles are thin enough that they won’t make your shoes feel tight or hamper circulation.

Medical and scientific evidence proves that while gel, foam and air inserts do provide some relief or discomfort, they do not protect against the harmful effects of friction and shear stress ” two of the most influential factors related to foot discomfort addressed by LiquiCell.

Ultra-thin, durable and light-weight, Memory Foam Shoe Insoles are the latest and greatest leap forward in pain relieving footwear.

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