Focusky Contributes to A Successful Conference Presentation

Focusky Presentation Software
Entrepreneur Jason Chen, CEO of Hong Kong tech firm, Focusky, wants to introduce their free presentation software for conference.

Preparing engaging and dynamic slides is a key step in the creation of a successfulconference presentation. Focusky software promises to an excellent tool for business professional to create distinctive and free conference presentation. By using the newly-launched Focusky presentation software, presenters are able to create one-of-a-kind slides with zooming and dynamic effects.

Focusky presentation software’s multimedia component makes it an effective solution for catching and holding the audiences’ attentions during a conference.

“Presentations are a major sales tool for any business,” says Chen. “In many cases it is the first means by which your business is introduced to the world. Do you want to show them a standard PowerPoint presentation or something that will excite them and make your business appear technology-forward?”

Focusky has been in a state of constant process and technology improvement so that it can be considered a top provider of presentation software. New features are constantly being added, from additions to their multimedia experience to new templates. Focusky seeks to improve its product and solidify its brand. They currently offer their base solution free to anyone who signs up.

“We believe we have a great product that will sell itself if people use it,” Chen tells us. “The free version has a lot of power and ‘wow’ factor that people will come to enjoy. They will eventually grow into wanting more features and more functionality as they grow more experienced with the tool, so this is a good business model for us. We grow a future customer base while also spreading the word about our product. That’s how much we believe in it.”

Focusky’s free version contains most of the features of the monthly plan and allows people enough time with the product and how it works to make a good decision on whether or not to purchase a more upscale model of the software which as it stands is still currently available for a little under $5 a month.

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