FOCUS Is Needed To Succeed And Get To The Money!

Born and raised in Baltimore, MD, Chad “Focus” Arrington grew up with a unique fondness for music, especially the soulful sounds of R&B. The oldest child of Lillian Milburn and Spencer Arrington, Focus was exposed to the hits of the great early Motown acts such as the Jacksons, the Temptations and Stevie Wonder, to name a few. Arrington grew up obsessed with artists known for great musicianship, creativity, and star appeal.

Flash forward to early 2016 and Arrington is on youtube all day at work, just watching motivational Diddy and 50 Cent video, and he thought why not give this music thing a shot. Arrington decided to  build his Focus Music Entertainment Label from the ground up. Recruiting first, his cousin Brandon “Troyse” Williams (Baltimore, MD), rapper, owner of D.I.Y.S. committee records, and writer whose work has been featured in hit shows Empire and Power. Songs “Bad Guy” and “Shot’s Fired” became placements that shook up the industry and garnered Williams residual publishing royalties.

Williams and Arrington co-collaborated for the Labels first LP release with the Release of Life Absolutely in Summer 2016. The album featured breakouts such as “Important” and “Only” ft. Raeliss. The solid debut effort would garner attention from the @Costars who strong industry connections has landed Troyse another 3 upcoming placements on the current season of Power. Troyse powers the chorus vocals for Chad Focus’s breakout debut single “Get to the Money”. An ambitious and fast paced energetic hip hop song about staying focused and accomplishing monetary dreams to invest in their dreams.

The song features Chad Focus Diddy like ad-libs in the background profusely chanting Wasup, Wasup and Get to the Money! Troyse is accompanied by fellow Baltimore relative Robert “Flames” Collins who pays omage to the great Lucuious Lyon by referring to the stature of the character’s Mogul level In the hit show. Flames follows the first verse of the powerfully Toned Cito G (Woodlawn, MD). Cito is seen staring intensely into the mirror as he raps about thinking about “what’s next” in his hopes to leave behind a past of misfortune and close calls. As the hit single closes out Troyse raps about others not being able to compare to walking in his shoes because “his sneaker’s off” as in a referral the fact his level of lyricism in unreachable in his mind. This proves to be a solid group showing by the Focus Music Quartet, displaying range, diversity and energy bound to find some staying power on radio airways across the world.

His single “Get To The Money” that features an amazing array of talented artists from Baltimore, proves that there are no limits to Chad’s talents and skills set! Whether it is in the business realm or the performing arts, Chad Focus knows you’re only as good as the team around you. Now, he has surrounded himself with some of Baltimore’s finest artists to release his debut, Get to the Money. Within the first three singles to drop from the album, Chad displays his innate gift – that is: knowing how to “focus” and Get to the Money.

“Get to the Money” features performances from a talented team which includes: Raeliss, Flames, Troyse, and Cito G. This tightly bound group intertwines an urban-based rap, pop, and hip-hop sound into the positive and potent tracks heard on the album. Three strong singles are releasing to the radio, the title track, “Get to the Money,” “Drinks on Me,” and “4Eva Young.”

“Get to the Money” is a well-balanced mix of beats with harmonic, hypnotic and carefully-crafted vocals featuring Chad Focus, Troyse, Cito G, and Flames. “Drinks on Me,” (ft. Raeliss,) displays a sultry, smooth ambiance wrapped in mesmerizing vocals. Cito G’s “4Eva Young” ft. Chad Focus wraps up this trio with a poetry-in-motion attitude and a polished urban rap and hip-hop flavor. Chad explains the catalyst behind Get to the Money, “This project represents themes that revolve around real-life experiences such as legal hustling, and a myriad of other subjects. All the tracks are originals, are written and produced by Chad and cohorts at Focus Music. The track has been charted NUMBER ONE in the top store “7 Digital” then reached the US National and International DRT Charts and still until this moment! It’s also played by many top DJs in the radio stations and clubs!

Overall, Get to the Money has a decade worth of inspiration behind it. Chad and his muses have pulled from the A-list names that influenced him. He has created a collision of styles from “The Motown Sound,” The Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder together with the sounds of The Notorious B.I.G, Jay Z, and Sean “Diddy” Combs. Just as other successful people, Chad Focus knows that the only option is hard work and a concentration on your craft. He explains, “There are no excuses and no procrastination, there’s one option… Focus on your dreams and goals to Get to the Money. 

As for his new song now “Dance With Me”, it’s given recently to top radio stations, DJs and night clubs and more for following “Get To The Money” steps and probably more! Chad always says: “It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you believe in yourself…” And he’s absolutely right!

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