FlipBuilder Provides New Online Solution for Self-Publishing Digital Photo Books

digital photo book created by Flip PDF
FlipBuilder has launched a new digital solution, which adds to the well-known Flip PDF and allows self-publishers to create and publish digital photo books.

With the creation of photo books being a relatively new trend that is growing in popularity, the new Flip PDF software is designed to provide self-publishers with all the tools necessary to create stunning online publications. The digital photo book software can be used to create albums from scratch or converted from PDF files.

Flip PDF consists of a series of simple yet powerful online solutions, which can be used by anyone with minimal computer skills. As a result, users can create fully functional digital publications with realistic, page-flipping action in minutes with just a few mouse clicks. Additionally, the software allows users to include features and additions that add life and beauty to the finished product.

In making digital photo books, designers are able to choose from a variety of templates, background images and dynamic scenes. Slideshows and animations can also be added to enhance the way how the photo book is viewed. Rich media content, such as audio and video, can also be embedded. Additionally, the digital photo book maker allows hyperlinks to be included, leading to external websites or social pages for business purposes.

The launching of digital photo book software is expected to help self-publishers design innovative and creative publications for their business products or important memories, which can be displayed online and viewed on any device. “The team at FlipBuilder takes time and effort to improve the intrinsic functions and introduce new powerful features to  Flip PDF,” said Alice Lee, Marketing Manager at FlipBuilder.

FlipBuilder’s digital photo book maker is available for free download and can be used on both Windows and Mac platforms. More about flipbook creator, visit http://www.flipbuilder.com/

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FlipBuilder provides an innovative and revolutionary solution to digital publishers who want to engage their target audiences with visually appealing and interactive content.


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