Flip PDF makes it Easier and Faster to Realize PDF to Flipbook Conversion

Flip PDF converts PDF to interactive flipbook in an easy way
FlipBuilder processes a series of useful PDF to flipbook software, which brings great convenience to the designers, publishers and marketers. Flip PDF as one of the most popular flipbook maker, enables the users to realize PDF to flipbook with easier and faster way.

FlipBuilder is the global digital publishing software development firm that provides PDF to flipbook software to help people create interactive eBooks. Flip PDF is the leading free flipbook maker which takes PDF, Word, and other file formats and converts them into attractive flipping books. The software utilizes HTML5 technology to translate old tech books, catalogs, articles, and presentations into attractive, interactive, multi-media flipbooks. The free flipbook maker Flip PDF is popular among designers and publishers because it simplifies the creative process and saves publishing time.

“We wanted to make the process of using our software easier,” says Sam Huang, the senior development engineer at FlipBuilder. “Part of the goal with FlipBuilder was to equalize the digital publishing medium and make it easier on people , includes small business owners, teachers, or authors that wanted to produce flipping books which were similar to those produced by larger firms. We can replicate that look, and we have now produced technology that enables someone without development experience to create PDF flipbook.”

The software enables individuals to create books, add audio and video to them, and even share them with others. This flipping books can be shared via emails and social networks, and read with iPad ,iPhone, Samsung, and other mobile devices. The company creates the software explicitly to be easy to use and the main tool is drag and drop, making it easy to create these multi-media flip books. Within minutes someone can take a PDF file and create a flip book just by walking through the easy creation wizard. “Anyone can pick up our software and make an attractive product,” say Huang. “That’s the joy of Flipbuilder.”

Actions speak loudly than words. Everyone can free download this free flipbook creator to make digital flipbook. 


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