Flato Inc. launches kickstarter campaign for Mini-O: The Powerful, Pocket-Sized Speaker

Consumer Electronics Company, Flato Inc. has announced the launch of a kickstarter campaign to raise funds for its new product, the Mini-O, a lightweight, powerful and portable Bluetooth speaker

Flato Inc. has announced the launch of a kickstarter campaign for its new product, Mini-O. The goal of the campaign is to raise a minimum of $10,000 goal by Thursday, November 9 2017 2:15 PM CET. Mini-O is a unique, powerful and pocket-size Bluetooth speaker designed by a group of University of Notre Dame undergraduate students, who are actually the founders of Flato Inc.

Mini-O was designed by the start-up to ensure that everyone can literally carry music everywhere and anywhere they go, without having to compromise sound quality. The portable Bluetooth speaker was manufactured with revolutionary Flat Magnetic Speaker Technology and is built to deliver portability with powerful, crystal clear sound.

FMS technology reshapes the conventional speaker structure by using flat magnets instead of cone-shaped magnets for the speaker units. This unique approach transforms horizontal vibrations into vertical vibrations at the plate diaphragm and thus solves the following major problems of conventional speakers: Doppler Effect, Diffraction/Interaction, Partial Vibration and Encircling Coils.

This unique combination is second to none in the market, with the patented technology used in manufacturing the speaker ensuring it has the best sound-to-weight ratio.

The specifications and functionality of Mini-O are set to distinguish it from other portable speakers in the market. The specifications of Mini-O include:

–          Dimensions: 108 x 58 x 18 mm (about the size of a credit-card, making it the slimmest speaker on the market)

–          Weight: 72g

–          Speaker Output: 6 Watt (3W x 2)

–          Bluetooth Version: 4.2

–          Wireless Range: 30 ft / 10m

–          Playtime: 6 hours

–          Charging Time: 1 hour

Mini-O performs several functions that include OTG Function that allow users to play the speaker with their cell-phone’s battery even when the speaker’s built-in battery is low, and dual speaker connection (a.k.a. TWS), allowing two speakers to be connected to the phone, as opposed to connecting a single speaker.

Mini-O is described as the start of an audio revolution, with some tech giants already embracing the amazing concept. Some of the unique features of Mini-O are briefly highlighted below.

–          Unparalleled Portability

–          Powerful and High Quality Sound

–          Dual-Speaker Connection (True Wireless Stereo Technology)

–          Sleek and Sturdy Design with Built-in Stand

–          Bluetooth 4.2, allowing connectivity within a 30-foot range

–          Patented Technology

Mini-O is currently on offer on Kickstarter, with a full set of 2 Mini-Os selling for $55. All orders are scheduled to be delivered in December. Mini-O combines style, with affordability having a sleek and sturdy design with a built-in stand.

About Flato Inc.

Flato Inc. is a consumer electronics company founded by Brian Cho, Peter Moeckel, Kunwoo Park and Erikc Perez-Perez. More than just a student entrepreneurship project, Flato Inc. came into existence in a bid to make listening to music more enjoyable. Fascinated by Flat Magnetic Speaker technology, the students led by Brian Cho, Peter Moeckel, and Kunwoo Park founded Flato Inc. and brought the Flat Magnetic Speaker technology to the U.S.

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