Martin Wiley’s “DANCE FREESTYLE” has been re-released and re-mastered – throwing you back the grooves of the 2000s – now streaming for the first time on Amazon Prime and TVOD platforms.

Los Angeles, CA (December 1, 2017) – The classics – from boom boxes to cassette tapes – now streaming on your mobile phones.

Flashback this Friday with Martin Wiley’s “DANCE FREESTYLE”, the never-before-available-on-digital instructional dance video with interviews from 2000s pop stars, including Britney Spears, Hilary Duff, MýaAaron Carter, and more.

Now is your chance to learn step-by-step dance moves from legendary superstar dance choreographer, Brian Friedman, streaming now on Amazon Prime and TVOD platforms. 

If you’re stuck watching re-runs of 90210, wondering where you misplaced your Game Boy, and hoping that your date tonight won’t mind the scrunchie in your hair… No need to be buggin’, TriCoast Entertainment has got you covered!

TriCoast Entertainment has re-mastered and re-released “DANCE FREESTYLE” as ‘da bomb’ film that will bring you back in the day, without burning a million CDs or the long hours of downloading from Napster and LimeWire. 

So don’t worry, you’re not old – you’re just maturing (… as if!). Here’s your guide to the hit songs from your favorite 2000s pop stars, featured in Friedman’s “DANCE FREESTYLE” as interviews and easy to learn step-by-step choreography. So put on the music and dance like a superstar! Boo ya!


1. “Overprotected” – Britney Spears

Brian Friedman brings you back in time with the 2000s queen herself, Britney Spears; including step-by-step choreography from her 1998 hit “Overprotected”. 


2. “Sparks”– Hilary Duff

Friedman has brought dancers back down to Earth in 2016 when he taught the choreography for Duff’s electropop single, “Sparks” (2015). But, we’d be lying if we said we didn’t miss “So Yesterday”, “Come Clean”, “So Yesterday”, and of course, “What Dreams Are Made Of” from her Italian pop star days as ‘Lizzie McGuire’.  


3. “My Love Is Like…Wo”– Mýa

Another 2000s step-by-step instructional dance featured in Friedman’s “DANCE FREESTYLE” is Mýa’s upbeat, yet inspirational song about self-love, “My Love Is Like…Wo”, produced by hip-hop legend, Missy Elliott – queen of working it, putting her thing down, flip and reverse it (‘Work It – Missy Elliott).


4. “Rock Wit U (Awww Baby)”– Ashanti

Best known for her fly duets with ‘90s American rapper, Ja Rule, it’s obvious that Ashanti knew what was up back in the day. Let all-star choreographer, Friedman, teach you how to step up your dance game with Ashanti’s hit, “Rock With U”, which reached #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was nominated for two 2003 MTV Video Music Awards.

… P.S. – Remember when she starred as popular cheerleader (Heather Straham) in “John Tucker Must Die”? **still drools over Jesse Metcalfe** 


5. “I Want Candy”– Aaron Carter

While in a different Hollywood spotlight, Carter’s 2000 pop hit, “I Want Candy” was hard to ignore with its catchy dance moves and groovin’ beat. He sings, “Some day soon I’ll make you mine // Then I’ll have candy all the time”, as the swooning and wishing you were ‘Candy’. **cue elementary school heartbreaks** 


Directed and written Martin Wiley (Producer, “Under Siege 2: Dark Territory”, “The Lazarus Project” with Paul Walker), “DANCE FREESTYLE” includes personalized, famous choreography and music not only from noted artists above (Britney SpearsHilary DuffAaron CarterMya), but also prominent figures on world segments of “So You Think You Can Dance”, Joshuah Michael and Blake McGrath. “DANCE FREESTYLE” includes additional well-known dancers and entertainers such as, Columbus Short (Shonda Rimes’ “Scandal”, “Stomp the Yard”), Kimberly Wyatt (“Starsky & Hutch”, “13 Going On 30”, series judge on “Got to Dance”), Daniel Cruz (“Antitrust”, “Rampart”), Rhapsody (“17 Again”, “Liberated”), and Eboni Nichols (“Dreamgirls”, “Miami Vice”, “Hairspray”).  


Watch “DANCE FREESTYLE” today on Amazon Prime and TVOD platforms. Prepare to dance with the trailer here: https://vimeo.com/243964269. For more information about “DANCE FREESTYLE”, please visit: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0412744/?ref_=nm_flmg_prd_25.

DANCE FREESTYLE (2017, 88 min.) Directed and written by Martin Wiley. Produced by Martin Wiley, Strathford Hamilton, Marcy Levitas Hamilton. Edited by: Charles Faraggi, Marcos Soriano. Cinematographer: Eric S. Foster. US, English. TriCoast Film Partners, TriCoast Entertainment.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: TriCoast Film Partners

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