Fives suggestions about how to better maintain the glass display showcases

Nov 21, 2014 – China – Glass display cabinets are generally used the tempered glass as it has advantages of high hardness and good heat resistance. For these showing place where do not need frequently moving, the tempered glass display showcase should be the best choice. However, people need to pay more attention to do better daily maintenance work. On one hand, the maintain work could avoid such safety problems for these glass display showcase; on the other hand, it will keep the better display effect of the show case. Now, the following information which collected by famous wall display case and glass display showcase supplier Metal and Plastic products Co., Ltd will teach each consumer the attentively point for daily maintaining for your glass showcase in the shopping mall or other crowed places.

First, when people wipe the surface of the glass showcase, they should not use hard object so as not to scratch the surface of the glass and let the surface become particularly ugly. In general, the most suitable choice for cleaning the surface of the glass display cabinets should be the soft cloth. If people encounter the decontamination which could not be easily clean, they need to get help from these special glasses cleaner.

Secondly, glass display case should be not recommended to move often because the high weight of these cases will be resulted into people injury and scratch. The glass displaying cabinet is often use in these fixed places.

Thirdly, people should pay carefully attention to not hit the four corners of each surface glass of these display cabinets. Although tempered glass has very high hardness, people could easily break it by hit these four corners is easy to be broken. However, it is very difficult for people to break the glass by hitting the middle the glass because there were around atomic which could let the force spread.

Fourthly, the new cases should be often clean as there is some residual glue around it. In the scrubbing process, the glass display cabinet will become increasingly brighter.

At last, the famous display case supplier Metal and Plastic products Co., Ltd also give consumers one recommendation about the aluminum panel showcase cleaning. n the cleaning process, people should pay more attention to not use huge force or hard objects because its surface is a thin layer of aluminum and can easily be scratched and then affect the beautiful and smoothly appearance.

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