Five signs for the low quality mobile poor bank on today’s market

Nov 6, 2014 – China – Today, the famous mobile power bank supplier SHENZHEN YOUSAN will tell people five signs for the poor quality mobile power bank.

Poor quality Sign one

The poor quality power bank charger also does not have the USB port output current value. In this case, the output current of the product USB port may be only 0.5A.

Poor Quality Sign Two

The low quality power bank usually owns the labeling error about the electrical parameters. For example, the sign of mAh will always be written into mA. The battery voltage is not marked behind the power shell. Before purchasing, each consumer should carefully check these points.

Poor Quality Sign Two

Most of these strange low quality power banks has more than 8000mAh capacity but the USB output current is still only 1A. If manufacturer want to increase the capacity of Mobile power bank, they need to add batteries. The increasing of the output current needs the replacement of the conversion circuit components with higher specification. The former case of the low quality power bank show with people that the low level manufacturer even do not want to cost more money to replace the cheap mobile power circuit components. So, how could they treat the expensive batteries? Please carefully think this point.

Poor Quality Sign Four

The energy conversion efficiency of the poor power bank is always less than 75%. The energy efficiency rate could be got by actual releasing energy divide the labeling energy of batteries. The high quality mobile phone charger from also has more than 82% of energy conversion rate. When people see the energy conversion efficiency of mobile power bank is only 70%, then, there are two possibilities for this situation: first one is that the working temperature of the power bank is too high; second, the batteries energy value is false. The conclusion is that each people should not purchase such low quality portable power bank.

Poor Quality Sign Five

The false power bank cannot load current in accordance with the nominal value on it. For example, the labeling current is 1A but the actual maximum load current is only 0.7A.

In conclusion, if people could adept control all information above, they could easily find which one is in high quality and which one is false. To know more information, please do not hesitate to visit website of SHENZHEN YOUSAN.


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