Five factors for client to better protect their computer and server from the terrible DDOS attacks

April 11, 2014-China-After the help of professional DDOS protection supplier ClearDDoS Technology Co., Limited, each client also needs to take some protection measurements by themselves. Today, the professional network engineer from ClearDDoS Technology will introduce with people all these measurements.

First, clients had better to use the high-performance network devices to ensure the network device cannot become the bottleneck of the action of Anti DDoS. So, they need choose routers, switches, firewalls and other hardware devices with high-profile reputation. If these devices have special relationship or agreement with network providers, it would be better enough.

Second, client need to try to avoid the using of NAT. Whether it is a protective wall router or hardware device, people should try to avoid the use of Network Address Translation (NAT) because the using of this technology will be greater reduce the transmission ability of the network traffic. The reason for this badly result is very simple because the NAT needs the back and forth of the address, which will require the checksum and calculation for network packet, thus, it will waste a lot of CPU time. The using of this technology will largely affect the effect of the DDoS Mitigation.

Thirdly, people need to guarantee the sufficient network bandwidth. In fact, the Network bandwidth will directly determine the ability to be resistant to the DDOS attack. If there is only 10M of bandwidth, then, no matter what measures for Anti DDOS, it will be very difficult to combat today’s SYNFlood attacks which should be one kind of DDOS attack. Each business client must know that the bandwidth needs to be at least 100M. This is very necessary.

Fourth, people need to timely upgrade the host server hardware. Under the better premise of internet bandwidth, people should try to upgrade the hardware configuration. The high performance of CPU should be the effective factor which could against the SYN attacks that is 100,000 packages per second. Dual or quad-core CPU should be the best choice. On the other hand, the memory must be selected the high-speed DDR memory.

The last factor for client to better achieve the goal of Anti DDOS should be that they had better make their site into a static page. Many facts prove that the site which consisted of static pages could not only greatly improve the anti-attack capability, but also give hackers a lot of trouble in their attacking process ( At least, there are no spilling situations for HTML. If people’s site needs a dynamic script, they had better get it to a separated host server.

The engineer from ClearDDoS Technology Co., Limited said that only the fully guarantee for all factor above could the effect of Anti DDOS produce great result.

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