Fitness Ration offers fitness food delivery for people always on the go

09 June, 2015 – Simpang, Singapore – Fitness Ration has become the first company to provide food delivery for fitness meals fine-tuned for active individuals in the country.With individuals being heavily focused on their health and fitness; Fitness Ration found out from months of research that health conscious individuals did not have easy access to healthy food on the go. This led to the creation of their website for professionally packed meals with the right balance of nutrients and calories.

At a recent conference a spokesperson announced “The idea behind Fitness Ration was to provide healthy meals that can be consumed by people who want to lose weight as well as people who want to gain muscle. Not everyone has a nutritionist and we are here to help with that. Our experts are highly professional and understand your needs to provide you with healthy meals straight to your home.”

The current meals available are categorized under ‘Heavy Duty’ and ‘Lean on Me’ on their website. Whenever a person wants to order food he has to mention his needs and body type for a complete analysis that shows in form of a suggested menu. Fitness Ration offers complete customization and considers the personal requirem-ents of all customers. Any specific requests a customer makes is taken care of and the customer support team is always available to help with any kind of diet or nutrition related queries.

The Supplement Shop offers complete control to the customers and lets them create their own meals from a list of dishes available on the website. The spokesperson added, “If a person is allergic to certain ingredients he may inform us about his medical condition and we will tweak the dishes so he can safely enjoy our meals.” The Fitness Ration team informed that delivery windows are open only during evenings from Tuesdays to Sundays and they do not deliver on Mondays. People can order from the supplement shop at

Fitness Ration currently specializes in weight loss meals with plans to expand into new horizons like kids’ meals. All Fitness Ration meals can be ordered from with a large variety of dishes to choose from. The minimum order amount is set at 3 and a maximum of 10 meals can be ordered at a time.

The spokesperson concluded the conference saying “We are a large team of professionals who want to serve active individuals with food that has been carefully created with high quality ingredients. We have nutritionists who are working hard to bring out newer and healthier dishes so we can expand our menu. Despite the fact that the foods we deliver contain no preservatives they can be stored for a month thanks to our special packaging methods that keeps the food fresh and nutritious for long periods. We hope to create a culture of fitness and health consciousness among people in the country with our products.”

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