Amazing marble mosaic that looks like a pattern with one marble

Foshan, China – fishfun are proud to announce to the public the introduction of their brilliantly designed sketch series Marble Mosaic. This marble mosaic can be used to sketch various styles and patterns for the best decorative art or interior decorations.

The sketch series Marble Mosaic looks like a pattern by one marble, and is one of the smallest marble mosaic particle sizes with the size being 8x8mm (about 0.3×0.3 inches). The sketch series is produced using Marble Mosaic as line, producing a sketch pattern from a distance, and having a sketch series that looks like a two-coloured one, whereas it is just one marble in pattern.

Kitchen Backsplash Mosaic

The sketch series Marble Mosaic is carved by professional and skilled workers who pave the stone by following aesthetic principles. This paving process not only challenges the fineness of paving technology, but also tests the aesthetic standards of the workers. 

Bathroom Backsplash Mosaic

The stone Materials derived from nature and paved manually, endows Mosaic stone a special kind of beauty, which is really like a ‘return to the original nature’. After the professional and careful sorting and paving by workers, stone pieces of the same sizes have all found their own “brothers and sisters” and formed into a collective family, and eventually the square-shaped, classic and elegant mosaic stones come into the world.

Customers can get their own sketch series Marble Mosaic in wall like sketches, or they can simply choose a style or pattern that suits them.

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Fishfun is a family production enterprise founded in 2004. And Its “Happiness-of-fish” Mosaic stone has been adhering to designing of products with natural stone, as well as the close-to-nature styles.

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