First Internet Football Association presents the killer Dapp that is here to revolutionize the 2018 FIFA World Cup

First Internet Football Association is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization formed by football fans around the world. It is a brand new social platform, based on the revolutionary blockchain technology that aims to be a game changer for the upcoming 2018 World Cup, to be held in Russia. The core team of FIFAchain is composed of football enthusiasts from different countries who developed this platform with a common aim to set a new benchmark in the world of Football gaming, starting from the upcoming World Cup. The FIFAchain Dapp is expected to draw the largest traffic on Ethereum of 2018 and set a standard for the entire blockchain network.

Blockchain has transformed the global economy over the past decade and still has a long way to go yet a large number of people don’t understand or trust its potential. Many people think of it a hoax, scam or one-time wonder but they fail to understand that Blockchain has the potential to change the world in unprecedented ways. Those who have believed in blockchain have achieved vast benefits from it and continue to receive it. The top financial and economic experts around the world have put their utmost faith on the future of blockchain technology and encourage more people to join the rapidly emerging era of digital currency and decentralization which may lead us all towards a better financial system in the world.

Now talking about the FIFA chain which aims bring the power of blockchain technology into the World’s most sought-after sport and gaming event- The FIFA World Cup 2018, an event that will be joined and viewed by over 2 Billion Football fans across the world. People will not only be a part of this event to cheer their favorite team but also by participating in the games associated with it. The popularity of Football has given rise to this additional gaming, which is now a trillion-dollar industry and this is when the FIFAchain comes to light.

This summer, all the Football fans will be able to participate in the Football related games using the blockchain, which would bring more transparency, security, and cost-effectiveness to all the participants. The FIFAchain or First Internet Football Association has issued a token called FIFA token on the Ethereum platform which will go live on June 05, 2018, allowing the Football enthusiasts to take chances on the favorite team in the game, without any wait. Introduction of blockchain into this industry would overcome the shortcomings associated with the traditional gaming platforms that involve middlemen who may cause manipulation and unfairness.

Use of blockchain in the Football gaming industry would ensure that all the transactions are recorded in the blockchain and remain among the players, without the involvement of a third person/party/agent to enable absolute transparency and fairness. This will also encourage those who’re skeptical to participate in the Football gaming due to security or legality issues. They can stay anonymous on the blockchain and their entire winning amount is guaranteed using a smart contract.

FIFAchain is on a mission to become the future of Football on Blockchain. It is a first of its kind initiative that is targeted to transform the Football associated gaming industry and provide a fair and cost-efficient chance to Football fans around the world to participate without hassles. Once the initial phase is successfully implemented, the organization aims to create a new football ecosystem with an ultimate goal of building a decentralized self-made organization centered on football fans and also penetrate into various application fields such as commerce, finance, and gaming. In this ecosystem, everyone is free and equal as the system is set to provide financial incentives for everyone; the geeks at FIFA core team will make all this possible.

The FIFAchain token is now available through the official ICO of FIFAchain. This token will have several applications like football player training, game ticket sales, sales of broadcasting and media rights, commercial sponsorship, club transfer, blockchain football derivatives and more.

Anyone who is a Football fan or Crypto enthusiast can come out and support the FIFAchain project through the ongoing ICO. More information about First Internet Football Association can be found at

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