Firmfit Flooring introduces latest designs in its Silver flooring collection

Firmfit has become a respected name when it comes to special flooring, as its flooring is similar to LVT but has a specialised limestone core instead of PVC, making it more durable and easier to install. But Firmfit flooring, while being versatile, waterproof, durable, and sound-proof, also comes in various designs. This includes the Silver collection, which now comes with more choices as well.

UNITED KINGDOM – Firmfit flooring has become synonymous with style and function when it comes to flooring for all kinds of environments, be it bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, living areas, retail and commercial areas, and more. The advancements introduced by Firmfit to flooring have given customers a more suitable choice, not only when it comes to durability and easy maintenance, but also to sound-proofing, waterproofing, recyclability, resistance to temperature extremes and sunlight, and easy installation.

But when it comes to design, style, and color variations, Firmfit does not disappoint, either. Firmfit flooring comes in an array of collections, including the Gold and Silver collection, the Onyx collection, the Topaz collection, and more. Today, Firmfit has added more variations to its Silver flooring collection, which features a gorgeous range that has the look of traditional, natural wood. Firmfit adds, “(The) flooring comes with SquareEdge bevels and (a) Natural Wood Grain surface for a more authentic hardwood flooring look and feel. Pre-attached backing provides (an) additional sound absorption barrier and overall comfort.”

The latest Silver collection available from Firmfit includes the popular Bristol, with its light wood color, as well as Penzance, a darker-colored wood finish. But the collection also features Lynton, Heritage Maple, and more. But Firmfit also offers some similar tones and colors, such as Paxton, Lowell, Vista, Bow Valley, French Oak, Swansea, Windsor, Elmhurst, Rugged Grey, Grey Washed, and the bluish-toned Mineral Forest.

The many choices available at Firmfit make it a lot easier for customers to choose the ideal flooring according to their preference, whether they are looking for flooring for a master bedroom, a children’s room, a living room, a patio area, and more. Firmfit flooring is known for its versatility, after all, but it is also known for its stability even when exposed to sunlight and high temperatures, and its resistance to impact as well as heavy loads. Also, it doesn’t telegraph any small imperfections in sub-flooring, unlike other flooring which easily shows imperfections and needs to be acclimated as well. 

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Firmfit flooring has become widely known for its versatility and durability as well as its waterproof quality, soundproof quality, aesthetic appeal, and resistance to extreme temperatures. For those who are interested in learning more about Firmfit flooring for their homes or businesses, visit

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