Canadian Company’s Online Tool Reduces SME Competition With Big Companies For Visibility

May 2nd, 2018 – A Google search result for an “Automobile Mechanic Near Me” can turn up next to nothing, even when there’s one with a garage across the street. This happens because owning a website and registering it on Google is a time-consuming, specialized and expensive task that not many freelancers can accomplish themselves.It is in response to this problem that a Canadian company called “Ideas Are Systems IncORPORATED” has come up with a fast, affordable, efficient and easy to use online tool which will boost the online visibility of independent professionals, freelancers and small businesses called (

The Alpha version of was released by the company on March 24th, during the Legacy Conference in Ottawa, Canada, and has ever since been finding new ways to engage with people and help them create a presence online. Website builders on the market are aimed at people who are willing to code and people who are willing to design in detail. Seeing that most freelancers don’t know how to code or how to design, the need for a website creator that automatically installs everything is a welcome development. websites are created in seconds only by signing up with Facebook, Google or LinkedIn and no longer than 3 minutes when signing up using an email address, after which users are able to fill out their website with relevant information in less than 20 minutes.

The basic websites feature a domain name, SSL, responsive template, photo gallery, contact form, display of services and certifications, links to Social Media accounts, Google Map integration, SEO customization, background color selection, and even a downloadable virtual card to import your contact details from the website to your phone and more features are constantly being added. The users will only need to fill out their personal information to become online. Most importantly, the websites offer a unique domain name highly personalized with each website. domain names are made with a combination of the username and his profession, and with over 35 professions to choose from, including the dentist, handyman, housekeeper, caregiver, tutor, etc, the freelancer and small business professional can achieve a better visibility channeled towards a more segmented and clear audience. All websites created using are also displayed at the online open directory

For $5 USD per year, websites are completely ad-free and will always be. This is a commitment from Ideas Are Systems IncORPORATED. The websites can also be created using a desktop or a mobile device.

Ideas Are Systems IncORPORATED are also making the first 1,000 websites created for free forever from the time of the Alpha launch. If you want to apply, just go to, create your website, fill it with your complete personal information and contact The fully functional will be on display on May 3rd, at Collision Conference, in New Orleans (

To get more information, contact Adolfo Grego on +1 613 890 8702 or via email at

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