Finding the Naked Truth with Global Times

The English-language Global Times is your key to understanding China’s changes
Truth hurts. That was a saying we are all too familiar with. But when it comes to a new story, truth is what should be given.

News stories should tether with the bare truth and nothing more. But instead, some news are not into it. News watchers are not into this kind of things. Stale stories and the old orthodoxies are no longer appealing to them. And so is with Global Times. With them, whatever the news is about, the naked truth will be revealed.

Controversial stories are the kind of stories that pique the interest of the watchers most. The controversies surrounding a person or an event is something people are so hungry to know and learn.

Political news always reaches with controversies along with biz news. But those controversies are always well-hidden. Some news loves to sugar-coat the stories they have. Omitting some damnable details are not new when it comes to making news stories. But that is not how people want it. They want an in-depth news about those very controversies. They no longer want to be kept in the dark. They wanted a grasp for the truth as they should really be.

This unswerving devotion to the truth and exposing them is the reason why many considered Global Times a trustworthy source. They provide blow-by-blow details of the breaking news and the latest ones that are happening worldwide. From the fight with corruption in the political news up to the latest updates to the world of sports in sports news, they provide in-depth news.

China daily news and world news are all here where every single detail of the event was covered and revealed without a single change to how it had really taken place. With them, they satisfy their watchers and readers with simply the truth. They give nothing less than that.

They are aware of how unsatisfied many are with the stale news and stories. Reading and watching news that left you hanging and asking for more is tiring. That is never enough for us. No one should be settling with that. People who really wants the truth is tired with this kind of news providing services. And so, Global Times had stepped in. As the most trusted English-language Chinese newspaper, they provide complete stories not just with the china news but with the world news as well.

As a part of the People’s Daily, their duty is beyond just providing China daily news. As news providers, it is their duty to let people in the light of the truth regardless of how terrible that truth is. Keeping people from the truth should never have been associated with news providing. News should be giving away naked truth no matter how sickening the truth in every controversy is.

Global Times endeavor to give everyone the truth that lies in every story. We are not in any drama series. We are in real life and the truth should never be avoided. The naked truth is what we need in order to know how where we place ourselves in the world where we live in. And Global Times want to give us that truth.

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