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Tel Aviv, Israel – 01 July, 2015 – International Medical Portal is your one stop solution for getting much required information on medical technology, treatment, hospitals and specialists in Israel without going through the hassle of contacting intermediaries. Recently, there has been a considerable increase in the number of patients visiting the country for various treatments. The reason behind this popularity is the increase in professionals possessing the highest levels of skills and expertise, language availability and advanced technology.

At  you will get detailed and complete information on some of the leading doctors, pharmacies, medical centers and innovative technologies being used in Israel. The portal is of good help for you as you can use it for getting hold of only relevant experts possessing international repute. You not only get information about these experts but you also get the chance of contacting them directly.

The officials working with International Medical Portal speak about the simple and immediate services that people can get at this portal. They say, “The information service portal will always be very glad to help you with any health information that you might be interested in within 24 hours.”

There is a section in this Portal Service where you are given the flexibility of choosing the very best deal for integrated services in regards to medical treatment in the country but completely at the discretion of the portal. Not only medical treatment but you also get the option of finding the best deals for living, transportation and excursions while in Israel. You can directly contact the company data without making use of intermediaries. This can save you a lot of money and will also help you in optimizing your stay in the country during your diagnosis and treatment.

At you can expect the best information available on reputable and quality medical centers in Israel. You can easily get complete details of various medical centers, there practices, their procedures and even the services that they provide. The portal provides information on all types of medical centers including centers for women’s health, centers for alternative medicine, centers for comprehensive medicine, dental clinics, eye hospitals and many more in this category. Some of the most popular medical centers that you can catch hold of include Mediclinic, Aya Medical, Meioza, Surgicare and many more.

If you are looking for medical professors in Israel then will be your ultimate guide. The portal provides detailed information on the leading professors in the country. You can look out for some of the most talented and skilled professors at Internal Medical Portal. This is where you will get the education background, the services and the achievements of some of the most well-known medical professors in Israel. Not only medical centers and professors, but you can also have your hands on good information in the field of pharmacies, medical equipment and medical technology being used in the country.

Other services that you can get at this portal include professional coordination of medical program, accommodation in apartments and hotels, transport and shuttle services and individual and recreational tours in the country.

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