Finally a new era of sustainable donations, which can help charities long-term

A new non-profit project has come into the light on that can revolutionize the way donations are used so that the charities worldwide can be supported for a long term with the same donations. Mr. Durusu from The Netherlands has thought of this innovative idea where he plans to create a charity which rather than using the donations it receives right away, invests it in the financial markets, earns profit and helps the various projects and people in the long run. His urge to do more than just donate money to people has eventually brought this idea in his mind that has the potential to help millions of people across the world for a long time to come.

The idea is simple yet no one actually thought of it until Mr. Durusu who now decided to implement it by raising funds through His charity (name yet to be decided, i.e. by a large donator) works in a way that all the donations received are not spent right away. The team will first invest the money in financial markets, earn profits from it and spend net profit on charitable projects. The remaining original (donated) amount will then be re-invested for another year and the profits can again be used for the local charities, thus creating a sustainable charitable process. Basically, with this new business model donations have the potential of being used forever and local charities are more likely to keep receiving financial aid for years to come.

The best part is, he wants anyone who’s interested and capable enough to use this model to create a sustainable donation process for all kinds of local community charities across the world. His vision is to spread this model worldwide and allow the local charities to get a longer-term stream of income from donations, rather than just once or so.  He also wants to create a Quality Assurance system in the future so that everyone knows their local affiliate/charter is actually legitimate. All of this will only be possible with the success of the fundraiser that has a goal of raising at least €35,000.

The amount raised from the fundraiser will be used to set up a diverse investment portfolio further increasing the potential success and reach to more local charities.

More information about the project can be found at  

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