FidgetDreidel: World’s First Jewish Fidget Spinner Has Arrived

With Amazing Features, Two Colors & an Unbeatable Price, The Company is Proudly Offering World’s First Jewish Fidget Spinner With Free Shipping

October 5, 2017 – FidgetDreidel has proudly introduced the world’s first Jewish fidget spinner for children and adults worldwide. For Jewish children, both in the Jewish State of Israel and elsewhere in the world, this one of a kind fidget spinner will spread joy and happiness like no other toy. The company is now taking orders and these spinners are now available online on the website at affordable rates. Moreover, toy shop owners can also get these fidget spinners with bulk orders at a great package by placing their orders through the website.

“We are proudly introducing the world’s first Jewish fidget spinners and we are presenting these spinners in two colors for the kids.” said the spokesperson of FidgetDreidel while talking about the new spinners. “The concept behind this toy is to blend fidget spinners with Chanukah Dreidel and we are welcoming Jewish parents to try these out for their kids.” he added. The FidgetDreidel spinners are available in black and white colors and they are a toy of unlimited fun.

The universal design of the Fidget Dreidel unifies the Jewish people throughout the world by having its front side stating the phrase ‘a great miracle happened there’ while the reverse side representing ‘a great miracle happened here.’ Both phrases are written in Hebrew language and they give these spinners a traditional Jewish touch. Moreover, the pricing is also very reasonable with one spinner available for only $12, while FidgetDreidel combo pack is available for $18 only.

Besides their affordable price and amazing appeal, another great feature of these spinners is that these Chanukah Spinners are molded out of a durable, flexible, non-toxic silicone. Moreover, they are very safe to play for the children of age 3 years and above. Furthermore, the most remarkable feature is that the company is offering absolutely free gift box and also free shipping on every order.

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