Features and characteristics of oil painting of 17 century Europe

Nov 25, 2014 – China – Most of consumers have such interesting about the oil painting from 17 century. Today, famous photo canvas online supplier canvasprintsfactory.com will tell people features of oil painting of that time.

During the time of 17th century, the European classical paintings have very rapidly development of. Painter from different regions and countries explored deeply based on their social background and national temperament. Based on the theme, the oil painting could be divided into history painting, religion story painting, group portraits, portraits , landscapes, still life, genre paintings and so on. This is also the division for the canvas prints.

Several parts of 17th century oil painting emphasizes the sense of oil painting light and these parts of oil painting make use of color contrast, the intensity of light and dark contrast and the thickness contrast to form the dramatic atmosphere. Italian painter Caravaggio broke the orderly and harmonious sense of light effects of his painting. He strengthen contrast of light and dark on his oil painting and often use large dark picture to enhance the brightly figures.

Dutch painter Rembrandt also regarded the sense of light in the painting as the means to express the human mental state, Among most of his portraits, the characters were often in the shadow of the dark and the portion of the face and hands would be expressed by distinctive brightness. His use dark and high density color let the dark areas appear to be more deeply.

At the same period of time, the use of brush strokes has also been focused by many artists. Stroke is the moving trace of the oil paints on canvas. During the early stage, the pigment layer thickness of the oil painting is more consistent and the brush moving force is very uniform. During the 17th century, these painters noticed that the movement stroke will be largely driven by authoring mood and emotion. During the painting process, the painters’ stroke can be controlled by their motions. The light, heavy, slow and fast of the strokes could let the character in the oil painting own the significant dynamic feeling and stroke itself would be also full of artistic expression.

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