Fearless Writer Mark Crockett Releases His New Book, “Dealin’ with the Dead”

Mark Crockett is a published author of suspense-thriller/police procedural novels. He has been a published author for more than 20 years, doing Public Service Announcements (PSAs), scriptwriting, magazine articles and stage managing for radio and TV. He has worked as an IBM chemical analyst, EMT, radio talk show producer, used car salesman, TV cameraman, and owner of a romantic greeting card company. Mark is also an adjunct professor having taught at many writing conferences and seminars as well as several college and universities throughout Arizona, including the Virginia G. Piper Center at Arizona State University and Phoenix College.

His very first novel, Turkeystuffer, is a contemporary police thriller set in Arizona. It follows the story of two homeless men named Jamaica and Chickenhead who decided to take matters into their own hands after the police cannot catch the brutal murderer of Chickenhead’s girlfriend. Mark wrote the book on his days off from work and finished it in 5 months. After getting the book edited by a professional editor, he started to shop it around for an agent. It was not an easy journey. 20 months and over 200 rejections later, he was still looking for a publisher for his book. Forgoing the acquiring an agent process and using his knowledge of the writing industry, Mark took matters into his hands. In less than 5 weeks, he received contract offers from Random House and Simon and Schuster. Both are giants in the publishing world. 

In the end, Mark decided to accept the offer from Simon and Schuster. Upon getting his first contract, he was approached by scores of people, writing organizations, writing staff and professors as well as schools and community colleges/universities asking how he did it.

Mark’s writing prowess has received praise from readers and critics alike.

“Mark Crockett is a visceral, fearless writer who knows how to suck us into his stories and makes us root for the unlikeliest of heroes,” says New York Times bestselling author Tess Gerritsen.

His second book, Dealin’ with the Dead, is a dark thriller that will keep readers hooked from the first page to the last. The book is brought to life by interesting characters. Monticello Turquoise, the main character of the book, is a death row prisoner turned hero. Dealin’ with the Dead is an unpredictable and captivating book full of twists and turns.

MirrorMan, Mark’s third suspense/thriller novel, follows the story of Laura Gaye and her deadly brand of justice. Laura had her innocence stolen by her father. Before she’s able to confront her father, this man murdered her mother and killed himself to avoid getting caught by the police. Laura’s decision to commit suicide was thwarted when she saved a young woman.

New chapters of the book are published on Mark’s website, www.makeminemark.com

Stay updated on Mark’s novels, scripts, trailers and feature films news by visiting his official website, www.makeminemark.com. His new suspense/thriller books, Dealin’ with the Dead and MirrorMan, are available as ebooks for PCs and Kindle/Nook at Amazon.com. Mark currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

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