FCP Audio adds more variety to its ‘Soundstacks’ plugins with some new releases

FCP Audio has already established itself as an invaluable service when it comes to plugins for FCPX. The company offers a whole array of Soundstacks and plugins for clients, and today, FCP Audio adds a lot more variety to its plugins with some great new releases.

UNITED KINGDOM – At FCP Audio, clients are privy to an entirely diverse range of Soundstacks as well as tutorials when it comes to Final Cut Pro X audio, and the selection of services offered by FCP Audio has proven invaluable to video editors, producers, developers, and more.

The company takes pride in being the ultimate home of Soundstacks, and it describes its services further: “Our new concept offers you Royalty Free, fully customizable music. For ease of use once installed, our Soundstacks are immediately available within your ‘Audio Sidebar’ due to our unique Final Cut Pro Plugins installer.”

FCP Audio confirms that it has its very own team comprised of in-house musicians as well as writers and producers who regularly and continuously add to its diverse Soundstacks library. What’s more, every single Soundstack has its own licence, and this gives clients permission to make use of the music as long as they want, whenever they want.

But this is only the tip of the iceberg, as FCP Audio confirms. It offers a lot more when it comes to truly useful and effective Final Cut Pro X plugins, and its Soundstacks range is proof of this. FCP Audio offers the popular Advert Music Orchestral, for example, which is an orchestral audio Soundstack that is composed of different orchestral music and compositions. There is also the Advert Music Inspirational, which has three great tracks that are inherently suitable for visuals which have an inspirational theme.

Today, FCP Audio has released a more diverse range of Soundstacks for its clients, and this range allows clients to choose from the widest variety of Soundstack plugins available online. One of the most popular latest releases is the Glass Atlanta Soundstack, which has a total of 3 music tracks, all, of course, Royalty Free. This Soundstack is unique, providing hard-hitting drums, synths, vocals, and subs. FCP Audio adds, “Stack audio within the Final Cut Pro X timeline to create many different musical arrangements to compliment your video project. Edit your footage easily to the beat of the audio using our visual click track. This will make sure all visuals perfectly match the track tempo.”

Another popular addition to the Soundstack selection of FCP Audio is the Grand Overture – Piano Moods Soundstack, which comes with distinctive and beautiful piano melodies in different moods, perfect for any kind of visual as well. Other available Soundstacks include eighties, meditation, cinematic, electronic, and a lot more.  

About the company:

FCP Audio is a leading name when it comes to Final Cut Pro X plugins, delivering the highest quality of service to numerous clients in the UK. For those who would like to know more about the Soundstacks and tutorials provided by FCP Audio, visit the website.   

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