Fastra Corporation Introducing Fastra Messenger App

Designed as the World’s First Selfie Messenger

Dallas – August 7, 2017 – The Fastra Corporation is currently promoting the Fastra Messenger, its newest messaging program. This will be released on August 30 in India and the United States and will be released to other countries around the world in November. It is expected to be a very useful and distinctive program.

This was developed by Fastra at its software development offices in Dallas and Hyderabad. The Fastra Corporation has designed this with the intention of being more direct and immersive than other messaging apps.

This app is being promoted as a unique alternative to Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger in that Fastra Messenger works with photo uploads. When adding to it, even when photos are clicked people can upload and share those said photos through conversations. It is being promoted as the world’s first selfie messenger.

The general design of the app is made to allow it so users can have a simple and easy to handle platform that can be used on a daily basis. The app is simple so people can interact with one another in an extended variety of ways as they see fit.

Company founders Ravi Gullapalli and Divyalakshmi Jasti are promoting the new messenger app as one that can link to an established network of fans and users. People can use the app to send photos and receive them, thus giving them more information than what any typical text message might offer.

This is just one of the many apps that the Fastra Corporation is developing. The company is focusing on making the lives of people easier by generating and screening ideas, developing the best ideas and implementing the best possible solutions for helping people to stay in touch with one another.

The support being offered will go a long way when it comes to helping people do more with regards to contacting people and chatting with them in real time.

This is also the world’s first fun platform where people can share fun content and get money from advertisers. Also, the added sharing of pictures with friends through conversations can lead to having more followers, thus eventually leading to a sizeable surge in the number of people coming onto a site.

The Fastra Corporation is aiming to get Fastra Messenger out very soon. Anyone interested in learning more about what the company is offering can visit their website at The site has detailed information on the phone as well as a number of other key points that may be of value to them.


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