Fast House Sales Buyer Richard Mews Reveals Expensive Mistakes UK House Sellers Are Making

How needing to sell their homes quickly is costing many home owners dearly

London, UK — June  03, 2014 — “Many house sellers, particularly those in the less desired northern areas, have their home on the open property market for more than six months – and finally end up selling for less than 80% of their original asking price,” reports Richard Mews, senior relationship manager of sell my house fast company, Property Result.

For this reason, his company has released a special free report detailing how house sellers can sell their homes within just 28 days, and made it available for free download on the company website.

In this free guide, UK house sellers who need a fast house sale will learn how to spot genuine fast house buyers with ready cash who will make them an immediate offer, from the many companies recently springing up in the UK that claim to be cash buyers, but who are in fact middlemen who will search for a mortgage buyer – or even worse, conmen, out to take advantage of vulnerable sellers in unfortunate situations.

Revealed in the report are some of the mistakes repeatedly made by sellers who need a fast sale. These include:

 – How sellers pay well over industry standard fees for valuations which a genuine fast house buyer will provide for free.

 – How sellers are duped by companies who offer to pay a certain price for a property, only to drop it drastically at the last minute.

 – How many “fast house cash buyers” make false valuations and tie sellers into unwittingly signing contracts which prevent from selling to other buyers who offer them a better price.

After reading the report and contacting Richard Mews, Diane Morrison from Hove in Sussex was delighted she had found the Property Result website before signing a contract with a property cash buying company she had contacted two weeks previously.

“The report detailed a number of bad practices often made by dishonest fast house buying firms that are deceitful and lead to sellers losing a lot of money on their house sale,” Diane explained.

“As I was reading the report, warning bells began to ring loudly, as the fraudulent methods described, were exactly what I was experiencing with the other company who I had trusted. My lack of knowledge within the industry meant I had no idea they were taking steps to lead me into signing a contract that would result in a much lower sale price for my house.”

Martin Greenwood from Leeds tells a similar story. “My relationship had broken down, and my now ex-girlfriend and I needed to sell our house quickly, as living under the same roof was no longer an option,” revealed Martin.

“A fast house cash buying company offered us £120,000 for our house, which wasn’t much less than the open market price, and we were happy to accept. At the last minute, the day before the removal men were due to arrive, they dropped their offer to £70,000. My girlfriend was ready to throw in the towel and take it, but I contacted Richard Mews after a friend recommended to try another company. Richard made us an offer of £110,000, and we were paid within seven days. Needless to say we are very grateful to Property Result.”

Property Result’s Senior Relationship Manager Richard Mews works with property sellers who need to sell their house within a limited time frame, or those who are not under time constraints, but who are tired of the problems that often arise when selling a home the traditional way.   

Some of his results include:

 – Closing a sale within 10 days for Jade Martin, whose home was on the brink of repossession after she lost her job due to her company downsizing. Repossession would have left Jade and her 14 year old daughter homeless.

 – Arranging a fast house sale for Peter McCartney in Newcastle, whose property was for sale on the market for an entire year – Property result arranged a sale for Peter within 14 days, and he achieved 88 percent of his original asking price.

To learn more about Richard Mews and the services his company provides, or discover how you can experience a fast house sale, download the free report at the link below.

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