Fashion Eyewear\’s Most Popular Frames Of The Month

Discover the online retailer\’s top five picks from leading eyewear brands.

Fashion Eyewear reviews the latest eyewear trends and current styles perfect for this month. The top five most sought-after brands this month are Bench, Jimmy Choo, Marc Jacobs, Starck and Swarovski. In this article, we will take a look at one of the most popular models from each of the top five brands.

The Bench BCH-180 has a contemporary rectangle frame shape that has a unisex appeal. The modern pin detail on the frame front, metal lug on the temples and subtle Bench logo adds an understated but stylish touch to the frames. Bench glasses can accommodate up to medium-high prescriptions so this brand is great for those who need corrective glasses but have high prescriptions. This British brand has a strong urban personality that would ideally suit those who are looking for lifestyle frames that can be worn on a daily basis but versatile enough to dress up on special occasions.

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Jimmy Choo
The Jimmy Choo JC41 is a stunning optical frame that exudes glamour and style. The bold leopard print design on the inner frame arms looks ultra glamorous whilst the diamante motif on the temples emphasizes the luxury appeal of the brand. Jimmy Choo eyewear has just released its latest collection of prescription eyewear which is available online at who is currently offering free UK delivery. The striking leopard print can also be found on certain sunglasses. Jimmy Choo Catherine/S or Jimmy Choo Lily/S sunglasses are both great styles that complement the JC41 optical frame making it the ideal purchase for those who are looking for matching glasses and sunglasses.

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Marc Jacobs
The Marc Jacobs MJ415 has an amazing cat-eye frame shape however the look of the frame is consistent with the fun and fresh personality of the brand. The subtle gold plaque on the temple tips reinforces the understated appeal that the brand has. Marc Jacobs has won numerous design awards and Marc Jacobs sunglasses have been seen on many high-profile celebrities including Victoria Beckham. People who will find the Marc Jacobs collection is right for them will share similar personality traits to the brand. This brand is perfect for fashion-conscious individuals who want classic eyewear styles with a cool and contemporary twist to its design.

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Only the most exclusive retailers like Fashion Eyewear are authorized to stock Stark optical frames. The Starck PL0902 is an extremely thin rimless frame that has an innovative frame joint design. The screw-less and hinge-free temple stems allow for maximum flexibility so wearers can experience the most comfortable fit. Unlike conventional temple stems which are curved behind the ear, the PL0902 stems are straight and wrap around the head firmly making them ideal for people who wear protective headgear. Starck glasses are considered as avant-garde as the designs are completely innovative and distinctive. People who are looking to invest in a bespoke frame or ones that are completely unusual will find this brand perfectly tailored to them.

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Fashion Eyewear all of the latest Swarovski glasses and sunglasses including the best selling collections. The Swarovski Alchemy SK5007 is the right optical frame for women who are looking for a glamorous style and want to make a statement with her eyewear. The frame shape was made to resemble the facets of crystals. The diamante Swanflower® motif on the temples enhances the luxurious appeal of the eyewear. Genuine Austrian Swarovski crystals are used to make the diamante motif on the Alchemy frame. These glasses for women are very popular and the sunglasses version of the model, the Swarovski Amazing which has been recently spotted on celebrity musicians, Cheryl Cole and Fergie.

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