Facto Lifestyle, an all inclusive retail store for lifestyle shades, fashion products & Services

Facto Lifestyle is a reputable online store that offers high-quality trending products from a wide selection of eyewear, avant-garde clothing, and sports accessories to lifestyle and health products. The company’s presence in the fashion industry marks the journey of innovation through design and the entrepreneurial spirit that has seen it embrace the concept of self-actualization and authenticity. The name Facto is derived from Latin phrase ‘de facto’ meaning in reality or in fact, has stood the test of time since its establishment in 1987.

The company’s creativity in the design of classy eyewear has remained unmatched serving as a benchmark by which others measure their success. To suit the varying personalities, taste, and preferences; Facto Lifestyle has different styles of sunglasses and eye-wear that are just perfect for different age sizes and gender For the sunglasses, customers can choose from the aviator, wayfarer, butterfly, rectangle, club master, square and semi-rimless designs. Some eyewear has been designed with conservative frame shapes such as almond and colors like silver and brown to enhance a professional look. Eyeglasses for children, students, seniors and the fashion savvy are also available.

In the sports and health shop, different outdoor equipment and fitness accessories are available. This shop suits both the gym enthusiasts and outdoor athletes looking for the right sportswear with a touch of design and craftsmanship. Besides the classical and contemporary fashion sense, the music lovers would also have something to take it home. In the DJ and Gadgets shop, different tech-products and music accessories are available at competitive prices. Smart watches, wireless earbuds, foldable drones, wireless headphones and Bluetooth speakers are just but a few of what this online store has to offer.

With a team of dedicated designers working with integrity and a robust commitment to service excellence; Facto Lifestyle guarantees satisfaction to its customers. By utilizing their industry experience, they’re able to secure the best of products and even ship them from a worldwide distribution to various locations.

In case of any queries, drop a message to info@factolifestyle.com.

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