Facebook: It Is Now Easier To Unfollow People And Pages

Facebook recently announced new filters in its Settings page.  These filters allow users to “unfollow” people who regularly post content that they are uninterested in reading.  If the user unfollows somebody in the heat of the moment, they can bring up a list of recently un-followed users and follow them again. One may visit the NewbieLaunchFormula.facebook.com site to get more info on the product.

The new controls also let users see less content from a friend or page.  This is an alternative to un-following them outright. Over the past few years, Facebook has been heavily criticized for controlling what posts users see when when they see them.  Many experts believe that Facebook is making a smart move by giving users more power. This NewbieLaunchFormula.youtube.com site contains some crucial info on the IM software.

Instead of displaying a chronological list of posts, Facebook use algorithms to display an edited news feed.  Posts which are deemed important such as life events (weddings, engagements) are bumped to the top of the news feed. By visiting the site of EasyAdWizard.facebook.com one can get better understanding on the IM program.

Sometimes posts which are more than a day old resurface.  The algorithms also assess the user’s behavior.  They see which posts a user likes and uses this information to determine which posts come up first on their news feed.

Statistics have shown that 864 million people around the world look at their news feed on a daily basis.  The changes will effect a lot of people. Facebook users have complained that one of the mos frustrating aspects of using the website is customizing what they see.  Options for muting individuals and pages do exist.  However, as most people have hundreds of friends, managing what does pop up is time-consuming. It’s not a bad idea to visit EasyAdWizard.youtube.com before making a final call on the IM product.

The new settings are currently available to Facebook users.  Users who are unfamiliar with them can go to their account and play around with the settings.  Like with most changes, users will become accustomed to the settings within a day or two.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/ETfwnlxEVzo

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