EZ Loans.biz Announces Major Initiative to Help Small Business Owners Get the Capital They Need to Thrive

EZ Loans.biz, a Melbourne, Florida company and major provider of loans for small businesses in need of capital across the U.S., just announced a major initiative to help these entrepreneurs secure the funding they need to help their business grow and thrive in an economy that remains difficult for the small business owner. The founder of EZ Loans.biz has been in the business of helping budding entrepreneurs for many years and is excited to announce this new initiative intended to help individuals succeed no matter what their circumstances. EZ Loans.biz has partnered with over 20 major lenders who stand ready to make hundreds of millions of dollars available to small business owners in need of capital funding. The initiative is available to business owners in all 50 states and every business owner is eligible to apply for funding regardless of their credit and in the absence of collateral.

According to an EZ Loans.biz spokesperson, this new initiative came about in large part because Federal initiatives have yet to provide relief to struggling small business owners. President Obama announced a plan in 2010 to get money into the hands of local lenders so they could push this money out to their business community. Unfortunately the money arrived, but many local lenders maintained stringent lending requirements making borrowing out of reach for most business owners.

EZLoans.biz is making access to capital quick and easy and in the process doing what the federal government failed to do. The new EZ Loans.biz initiative is quite easy and involves just a few steps. Business owners interested in the program can visit an EZ Loans.biz web site and start the process with just a few pieces of basic information.

There are five basic steps to the EZ Loans.biz initiative. First, loan applicants visit the website and fill out a basic one-page application. After this, they send the application in with supporting material, including bank information. Once that is done they will receive a pre-approval with the terms of the loan. This usually takes only a few hours. Next, they evaluate the terms and if they agree to the loan the fifth and final step is to fax or email the signed agreement to EZ Loans.biz and the cash is deposited directly into the bank account given after a verbal verification takes place.

EZ Loans.biz prides itself on making the loan process run smoothly with minimal paperwork and quick payment once the loan is approved. Applicants have also found the process very helpful because they can apply knowing that any blemishes on their credit will not be a factor. Those who have taken advantage of this program have also found that the loans include flexible repayment terms and the ability to borrow from a few thousand dollars to a few million.

Those who want to learn more can visit the EZ Loans.biz website at www.EZLoans.biz or call 1.888.316.9868 to speak with a loan specialist.

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