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The word ‘Mystery’ came into existence when the world realized that there is a world beyond FACTS and reality. Mysteries are always dynamic in nature; they have a certain pace to them. They will certainly keep you glued to your seats if it’s a movie or a documentary with a ‘mysterious plot’, will not let you put away the book that you started reading with certain amount of ‘mystery genre’ to it or will take your mind on a roller-coaster ride if they are mere so called ‘Mysterious thoughts’. Mysteries always have a grip to their existence. They are capable of making you skip a heartbeat, or pound your heart like never before. Mysteries have the ability to make people enthusiastic about reading, thinking or observing about them. They often contain intriguing characters and are capable of giving a kick or adrenaline rush to the reader or the viewer. Mysteries are sometimes those eternal secrets which no mouth can adequately convey till they actually see it or experience it for themselves. They are most often known but rarely spoken about verbally.

Facts, on the other hand, are the realistic and believable findings which have a strong bond with the reality. Facts are observable (Measurable), verifiable and indisputable. For example, we know it is fact that day will come after night. It is a fact that Earth rotates on its axis resulting in day and night. This is a fact because it is verified or observed from the space. There is a string that attaches Facts with mysteries. Sometimes, they mingle with each other in such a fashion that there arises a totally new world which is a blend of Pure facts and hard to believe mysteries just at the same time. The oxymoron (two strong opposite words coming together to make one impactful phrase) which came alive because of this delicate overlapping of facts and mysteries and often used extensively is, ‘Mysterious Facts’. Facts and mysteries are exactly opposite in nature. Mysteries are more abstract and hard to believe and difficult to come in terms with, while Facts are as Straight and visible as the sunshine from the Sun at daytime.

It’s a human instinct to gather facts and solve mysteries. Some mysteries remain unsolved and the quest to get till the root of it continues. Mysteries when unveiled give a feeling of achievement to humans. Creating a mystery that has certain substance to make it a reality or a fact is also an art in itself and something that gives a kick to people. For all those mystery lovers out there who love to read about the ‘worldwide mysterious facts’, that are too good to be true can visit the website: www.mysteriousfacts.com

The website is packed with mysteries around the world. They have the ability to keep you glued to your seats and keep reading till end. It has a certain amount of weirdness to it as well! So, if you are the person with the quest to look around for mysteries, and love to experiment with the mysteries that are real, do visit www.mysteriousfacts.com

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