Experienced Internet Marketer Releases Data on Top Converting Traffic Sources of 2014

Getting penalized by Google updates like Penguin and Panda is never a fun experience. This is especially true if you are doing your best to regularly update your website with relevant content in an attempt to comply with what Google wants. The goal is to emulate what all of the major websites are doing, creating massive content that is properly categorized. Adding syndicated content, curated content, and completely unique articles to your posts and pages every day will help you avoid becoming a statistic with these updates. These strategies will now show you what you can do with websites, old or new, that will keep you out of the next 7.5 percent. By visiting http://imnews4you.wordpress.com one can gain more information on the topic.

The Secret To Avoiding Panda Updates

If you want to avoid losing your existing ranking on the search engines for your most profitable keyword terms, you will want to modify a couple different things on your website to give you the best chance of making this happen. For instance, you need to add categories to your website in which very specific content is added every couple days. This is called silo structuring your website, a pattern that the Google algorithms always look for when categorizing the worth of each site that they find. More information may be seen by visiting http://imnewsinfo.weebly.com for all of the sources.

Finally, add a significant amount of curated content regularly, and get backlinks from excellent websites related to what you have to offer. This combination will not only prevent you from being harmed by the Panda updates, but also the Penguin updates as well. One may choose to visit http://imnewssource.tumblr.com to gain more insights.

Dealing with Google can be a very emotional and dramatic experience for those simply trying to make their living on the web. Keeping up with all of the changes that are made can be a daunting task, unless you make your strategies very simple. By simply adding unique content, creating a silo structure for your site, and posting on a regular basis, you should be able to go through these updates without being harmed, maintaining, or even improving, your existing positions on the web.

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