Provides Free Online Auction Platform For Home Improvement Jobs

Finding a reputable contractor for home improvements with reasonable prices can be a nightmare. Especially when there are news stories that sensationalize contractors who practice without a license. EWB, LLC has launched a new contractor location platform for the state of Virginia with Find-Contractor.com/.

Making cold calls to find a home improvement business guarantees worry for consumers trying to determine which contractor is the right professional for their job. Find-Contractor.com provides just the expert advice consumers require to find the perfect contractor in Virginia within their budget for their maintenance needs.

This free online platform helps connect both home owner and contractor saving home owners money on home improvement jobs through a bidding competition. Their mission is to innovate the home improvement world while helping the community through providing free services. Home Owners post projects online and Contractors will bid on those posted projects to provide an estimated cost and time required for repair. Contractors remain competitive, yet are able to forego advertising costs to get business direct. The auction model is a called a reverse auction model where the auction begins with a high asking price by the homeowner and then bids are consecutively lowered until the homeowners or bidders call a halt by accepting the last or lowest price given by a contractor.

The result is satisfaction by homeowners who are able to make a clear declaration of what they are willing to pay for their home renovation.  It also helps contractors who have direct access to the job requirements prior to starting work.  Home owners deal only with serious contenders with whom they are given direct access to any requirements or credentials. Connecting the service seeker with the service provider in a way that benefits both parties, EWB, LLC has brought the future of home improvement to Virginia via the internet.

For more information, visit http://Find-Contractor.com/

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