Evan Balasuriya Starts Campaign On Kickstarter For Funding The Movie Based On His Book More Than Nine Lives

Evan Balasuriya starts crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to fund a movie based on his non-fiction book, More Than Nine Lives.

Evan Balasuriya, a passionate soccer player who led his high school team to National championship as a soccer goalkeeper and one of the founder member of the band Savages, has announced that he is starting a campaign on Kickstarter. The aim is to fund his movie based on the non-fiction book penned by him, More Than Nine Lives.

“Savages was a very popular rock band founded in 1964 and we got our first big break in 1967 when we were contracted by an American music agency to tour South Vietnam and entertain the US troops positioned there,” says Evan Balasuriya reminiscing about the early days of his life. “We were not aware that there was a real war going on in Vietnam and went through untold hardships including getting stranded for four long weeks in Saigon where there was 24-hour curfew. My book describes the rollercoaster emotional and physical experienced we went through during our stint in the war torn South Vietnam.”

Savages landed in Saigon, South Vietnam in mid-July 1967 with their top female singer and two dancers, totally clueless and ignorant about an actual war situation in the country. More Than Nine Lives captures the personal experiences of Bassist Evan Balasuriya and his band members in the midst of the war torn South Vietnam.

According to Evan, the band has a tough time and faced some truly life-threatening situations. They ducked bullets, hid in sandbag bunkers to avoid in coming enemy rockets, escaped Korean and American sexual predator soldiers, and outsmarted drunk and drugged South Vietnamese regular army troops who were notorious for killing rock bands in lonely and isolated roads.

Evan writes how the band was stranded for nearly four weeks in 24-hour curfew Saigon when the Tet offensive took place. More Than Nine Lives also describes the amazing response of the US troop audience to the band, and the unique relationships built between US troops and Sri Lankan band members.

The Savages performed approximately 750 gigs in almost all the US bases in South Vietnam during their thirteen months of challenging and highly adventurous stint in this war zone. More Than Nine Lives gives a remarkable insight into the interesting instances that the band encountered during the time they spent here. It is an entertainer’s insight of the Vietnam War like never been told before which makes it very gripping and interesting.

Evan and his team have a financial goal of 250,000 which they aim to raise through the Kickstarter campaign. The deadline for raising the fund is 25 October, 2017.

About More Than Nine Lives:

Evan Balasuriya, soccer goalkeeper, restaurant owner and entrepreneur, and founder of Sri Lankan band Savage, is looking to make a movie based on his non-fiction book More Than Nine Lives. The book provides an insight into the horrors of Vietnam War from the perspective of an entertainer. More Than Nine Lives captures in vivid details the life and times of Evan Balasuriya, focusing sharply on their horrific experiences while touring South Vietnam on the request of an American music agency to entertain the US troops placed there.

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