EuroDate breaks down the top online international dating truths

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Dating international singles is more successful when you use a dating site that doesn’t encourage bad habits and outdated methodology.

EuroDate, one of the companies leading the way in international dating, has come up with a list of six commonly believed dating myths. “International online dating isn’t new, but there are some commonly held misperceptions of what to do and what not to do. A lot of that comes from advice that is largely a result of marketing from some of the bigger online dating sites. People can really limit their chances of finding someone special by following rules that are out of date, pun intended,” said EuroDate spokesman Dave Woods.

Some things people should know when using an international online dating service like EuroDate:

• Profiles aren’t as important as you think they are. You can spend a lot of time writing up the perfect profile, and then wonder why no one messages you. Single men and single women are more attracted to the images in your profile, and the more information you write down, the more someone can prejudge you, which limits communication opportunities. Stay mysterious.

• Trying to be perfect won’t lead to happiness or success. Everyone has flaws and the sooner you accept this, the sooner you’ll learn to be comfortable being yourself, and the more potential partners will be comfortable with you.

• Compatibility algorithms are a lie. There is no mathematical formula that can accurately predict how you’ll react to meeting and getting to know another person. Dating sites that promise this are trying to hide behind some very murky science, much the same way an infomercial will have a salesman in a labcoat to make their product look more legitimate.

• Don’t put all your hopes on one person. Keep your options open and have as many conversations as you want to with anyone who seems interesting. Putting all of your eggs in one basket can sometimes lead to disappointment if the other person doesn’t share those feelings.

• Don’t try to move too fast. Movies and TV condition us to believe in love at first sight and whirlwind romances, but those are quite rare in the real world. It takes time to build trust and get to know someone, so you can really open up and let them into your life. Relationships are like plants, they start small and you have to nurture them to make them grow. Don’t push too fast, and you’ll be happier in the end.

Keep these simple truths in mind, and your online dating experience will dramatically increase your chances of success in international online dating.

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