Ettie Coffee on eBay offers fresh roasted, organic and flavored coffee from around the world

Whether it’s the Tanzanian peaberry coffee beans, fresh roasted Indian espresso or Sumatran Satin coffee, the customers can find it all at the Ettie Coffee’s online store on eBay. The store offers coffee beans that are freshly roasted in the morning and shipped in the afternoon so that the customers always receive the best. It uses special bags for sealing the coffee after roasting to preserve its unique taste and mesmerizing aroma. The customers can find a variety of coffee beans from around the world and in many flavors as well as coffee pods and other coffee related items at the online store.

All the chocolate lovers can look for the dark chocolate flavored fresh roasted coffee beans pack. It is made using 100% gourmet arabica beans infused with rich dark chocolate flavor for a truly delightful cup of coffee. Every batch of coffee is roasted after receiving the order and shipped on the same day to deliver the freshest coffee possible.

One of the best selling products from the store is the Espresso Gold coffee which is a perfect blend of Indian coffee roasted using Italian techniques. This coffee is sweet and mellow with slight undertones of caramel and chocolate. The texture is velvety smooth and rich which makes it best suited for making cappuccinos and lattes. In addition, this espresso is certified organic by Fairtrade, which means it was grown without the use of any pesticides or chemicals.

Guatemalan Antigua coffee is widely popular among the coffee lovers worldwide. Ettie Coffee presents the Guatemalan coffee in decaf, that is light-medium roasted and features a smooth taste with unique smoky and chocolaty undertones. This coffee also has hints of spice in the finish that leaves a pleasant aftertaste.

The customers can also find the Sumatra black satin coffee which is a darkly roasted coffee with a distinct flavor profile of smoky undertones combined with a heavy body. This coffee also has a spicy twinge to rejuvenate senses. More types of coffee and other coffee products can be found at Ettie Coffee on eBay

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