Ether.Online, the unique new blockchain game sells out ‘pets’ through the pre-sale

Ether.Online is a brand new blockchain game that is holding their pre-sale of pets that can greatly increase the hero’s battle rating. These pets will only be available during the presale and bring a huge stats boost, however, the player can also choose to sell them to other players for a higher price.

Blockchain platforms and the cryptocurrency world is taking a brand new turn with the emergence of the Blockchain games. Though it was “Cryptokitties” that popularized the adoption of Blockchain games, a number of other games have emerged including that is going to take the blockchain gaming scene to a whole new level. The game is currently holding their ‘Pets Presale’ that provides an opportunity to the gamers to buy a variety of pets that will only be available through the Presale and never in the future versions. These online pets can be obtained using ETH and the user can decide to keep or sell them away in future to other players. One user will be allowed by up to 10 pets and they can bring only one into the battle. is a virtual world of heroes, pets, and thousands of other items that are here to revolutionize the concept of blockchain gaming by combining actual game mechanics onto smart contracts.  The game features an aggressive and adventurous gameplay with lots of upgrading and fighting. The main aim of the player is to level up their hero and climb the ranks until their rule the Ether online universe. The higher the battle rating, the stronger will be the hero and more valuable on the market.

Every character in this game has four major attributes; Attack, Defense, Critical Damage, and health. With every equipment the user collects in the game, their battle rating will increase making them tougher in fights. Equipment is categorized according to rarity giving players a wide range of customization. All Heroes and equipment are basically crypto keys owned completely by the player and stored in the Ethereum blockchain. Just like any other cryptocurrency, they can be easily transferred, traded or gifted.

Using the pets in the battle will help the user in increasing their battle rating to a lot of extents. While the pets are only available in the pre-sale, the users will have three ways to increase their Battle rating after the Alpha launch. They can buy chest box containing items and test their luck, buy equipment on the market from other players and invite friends to join the game.

The team behind Ether.Online from “R2Games” specializes in the development and publishing of mobile and browser games. Some of the popular work by the team includes Wartune on Facebook and Clicker Heroes on mobile with total players reaching over 60 million.

Don’t miss your chance grab a pet now.

More information about Ether.Online and the presale can be found at

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