Etherecash, a blockchain based decentralized platform, opens new lending gateways by welcoming borrowers and lenders to a unique platform, where mutual terms are agreed in a ‘Smart Contract’. It is designed to revolutionize three core functions of finance; to Lend, Send and Spend. They have identified the core challenges being faced by the finance and lending sector and through the adoption of crypto based solutions on the blockchain they hope to enable those with a phone and internet access to reach new mediums of finance, improve their access to loans, fast and affordable money transfer, along with a multi-use crypto debit card system using smart contracts. Their concept is proven, their business model is savvy, their team is capable, and their goal is ‘SMART’.

Loans on the Etherecash platform are executed using smart contracts which are deployed on the ethereum block chain. This smart contract technology enables crypto backed loans to be issued, peer to peer. By bringing such key services on the blockchain they can provide more transparency and greatly enhance customer experience. Their mission is to “bridge the gap between those with access to finance and those without, eliminating borders, intermediaries and prejudices.

Etherecash aims to establish itself as a secure and reliable decentralized financial ecosystem. Their platform offer advanced banking activities supported on the Ethereum blockchain, including peer-to-peer lending, worldwide money transfer and a multi-crypto debit card. They understand the importance of legal framework and are backed by some of the industries’ most reputable lawyers. Their smart contracts were created with their support to ensure the borrower and lender engaging in peer-to-peer loans on their platform are protected and secured throughout the loan process. After agreeing on mutual terms, they are locked into the smart contract, so the contract will auto-execute only as per those agreed terms, giving assurance and peace of mind to all parties involved.

By putting financial services on the Ethereum blockchain with lawyer backed smart contracts, Etherecash is building a more secure, transparent and reasonable mode of preserving  finances, while refining availability to loans. The Etherecash concept aims to address the primary pain points in the financial services sector through the adoption of blockchain and smart contracts to bring transparency and clarity to the industry. By bringing people to a unique platform to connect directly, without third parties, and have access to funding and opportunities that otherwise would not exist in their local marketplace

With a common goal to provide a better financial ecosystem, their team is dedicatedly working together and growing together to achieve the desired results. Their team comprises of a group of passionate people with different skills in their respective.

By developing a platform which is accessible globally, they ensure a border free loan market. This vastly increases the number and type of lending options available to people. This creates healthy competition in an otherwise closed knit industry. Etherecash provides a vast scope for borrowers. Through this medium of ICO, they believe they have presented a noteworthy proposal for people to participate and be part of this exciting project. They puts all your assets in your pocket so you can manage your finances in a manner that suits you – border free and hassle free. For more information visit:

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