Estrovive, a daily health supplement for women, promises to promote menopause symptom relief through a specially crafted combination of herbs and extracts.

Megan Bunker, a research scientist in the women’s health division of Cellular Research Institute, offers an explanation. 

“Think about it as sending your ovaries flowers every day.” She says. 

“To explain menopause in the simplest possible way, there’s a lack of communication between your ovaries, where estrogen is made, and your hypothalamus, which is the part of your brain that governs hormone production and usage. When you’re young and healthy, your hypothalamus and your ovaries are like a young couple, and they communicate well, and your hormones stay balanced. But when we get older, our ovaries and hypothalamus turn into an old couple. They’re going deaf and they can’t hear each other. They have to shout across the room to communicate. That’s more or less where menopause symptoms come from, the ability of your ovaries and your hypothalamus to communicate with each other degrade, and the miscommunications become night sweats, hot flashes, and other symptoms.”

“Estrovive is full of herbs and extracts… Flowers basically, a bouquet of scientificaly researched and combined flowers, that are full of compounds called isoflavones. These are basically plant estrogens. They aren’t your real human estrogen, but your hypothalamus and your ovaries are tricked by them, and they think they are. So as long as you’re delivering this bouquet of sneaky flower estrogen to your door every day when you take the capsule, your ovaries and your hypothalamus believe your estrogen levels are correct, and they don’t need to yell at each other and cause you problems.”

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About Estrovive: Estrovive is a strategically developed herbal formula, based on scientific research to help relieve, and eliminate menopausal symptoms, completely naturally.

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