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One of the major drivers of the global e-signature market is the need for security and risk management, specifically in financial services industry, including banking, insurance, home and auto lenders.

E-signature software is designed to gather signatures, without printing or signing a physical document. E-signature software allows companies or individuals to reduce the cycle time to gather signatures, as well as reduce costs of gathering and storing signatures on paper. E-signatures are a way to speed up legal paperwork, by replacing physical contract documents with electronic alternatives. In this case, the signatures are made electronically by the parties involved in safe, and secure manner. Besides this, e-signatures also appear to be massively cheaper, than physical paperwork.

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The global e-signature market can be segmented on the basis of devices, technology, type, and use-case. Based on devices, the e-signature market can be divided into e-signature generating devices and e-signature detecting devices. On the basis of technology, the e-signature market can be categorized into basic, advanced, and qualified e-signatures. Various types of e-signatures prevailing in the e-signature market include, signature pad at POS, PKI, Voice signature, Clickwrap, handwritten mouse signature. On the basis of use case, the market can be segmented into meditated, unmeditated, third party, and internal use case e-signatures.

The ease of implementation of the software as a service (SaaS) delivery model, is expected to continue the driving adoption of e-signatures and will establish SaaS, as the predominant global e-signature delivery model.

Signatures are small, but important constituents of many business transactions. Signature requirements can be found in internal and external interactions, but are most sought as formal components in transactions among parties in different organizations. Prior to e-signature adoption, enterprises had to keep many processes paper-based, or have been forced to implement processes that were partly automated, and use paper, fax, and postal and shipping services to complete transactions.

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The use of e-signature software or services can greatly improve operational efficiencies, help drive new business and create a more convenient experience for signers. Many organizations have adopted commercial and homegrown e-signature solutions to great benefit. Since then, a momentum has been building steadily, owing much of the recent adoption to the increasing availability of functionally capable and economically attractive SaaS offerings that can be used by individuals, businesses and other organizations.

According to a report on Celent, the e-signature industry has grown multifold in the past five years. The usage by life insurance companies has increased from 47% in 2007 to 74% in 2013.

DocuSign, Adobe Document cloud eSign services (formerly Adobe EchoSign), RightSignature and e-SignLive by Silanis were named leaders. High performers have high customer satisfaction scores, with a smaller market presence than leaders.

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DocuSign Inc., CITRIX SYSTEMS, INC., Sertifi, Inc., AssureSign LLC, Silanis Inc are the major competitors in the global e-signature market. Gemalto NV, RPost, Adobe Systems Incorporated. Silanis has been a leader in providing on-premises electronic signature software and implementation services, and has specific strength in North American financial service and government verticals. European providers such as, Dictao’s and Keynectis’ software as a service (SaaS) offerings use digital signatures too. AssureSign offers SaaS and on-premises editions of its e-signature capabilities, and the code base is the same. DocuSign continues to build its lead in North America, and has established a beach – head in Europe. Sertifi was the only named High Performer. e-SignLive by Silanis has earned the highest overall customer satisfaction score, for each customer segment.

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