Erick Bouaziz is a Director and co-owner of the Academy Addiction Centre

Erick Bouaziz, is a Director and co-owner of the Academy Addiction Centre where he accomplishes his goals to rehabilitate drug addicts of all kinds. His treatment methods, based on his own therapy to complete recovery including the 12-step meeting method used by most centres, is unique.Due to his own drug addiction, he diligently went to all the meetings 3 to 4 times a week where he found individuals struggling to put a stop to their own dependency. Firstly, he will admit that the answer to his full recovery was dependent on his sheer will and determination to assist others to exit the habit. Secondly, coupled with his absolute resolution and hiswillto helpothers, assisted him in his own quest for sobriety enormously. He will confess that this was the answer to his complete rehabilitation and now proudly shows off his five-year sobriety badge.

Erick Bouaziz has suffered the humiliation of being dogged by defamatory claims once laid upon him, however these proved fruitless and were withdrawn. News efforts to cast a slur on his name have failed and these defamatory claims simply make him work all the harder in his efforts to help recovering addicts. If you were to google his name all sorts of defamatory and incorrect pages will result. Simply internet garbage which has not been deleted. Instead go to and read his story.

Erick Bouaziz offers a 15-step recovery program at his world-class drug rehabilitation centre, the Academy Treatment Centre where he makes sure that his treatment has a long term and 100% effective result.A 90-day stay-over for a patient is included in his modest $30,000 charge. This barely covers his costs and he is continually trying to gain access to government funds to assist him and his Academy. He realizes that all patients have to be dealt with in a unique manner and devises top-of-the-line treatment programs for each providing tangible results. He plans to expand the centre and his energies and studies which earned him his CACC, AS & CS degrees will dictate that his plans for this will be a success.

Erick Bouaziz and his work at The Academy Addiction Centre is an inspiration to all who have visited his establishment and to himself, as he was able to turn his life around by just such a treatment he now tailors for others.His checkered past will always dictate that there is someone ready to criticize him, however, he continues undaunted in his mission to help.

Erick Bouaziz, to sum up, is a caring and modest individual who, by his own defaults has turned to helping others in need. The community should be grateful for his efforts and not read prior garbage that was intended to cast a smear on his name. Government agencies should also be proud of any efforts to assist him in his goals as the drug problems in Ontario and the rest of the country need to be addressed.Remember, the future is now and he emphasizes that his personal mission and his vendetta against substance abuse is to give back that which assists him in his own, ongoing, complete rehabilitation. 

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